Winters are finally here! Take that Jon Snow, and it’s time you take your warm clothes out of the dark and put them to some use. It’s time you assemble your wardrobe to take the winters by the horns, in style. You gotta love leather jackets for the fact that they’re stylish, easy-to-go-with and extremely weather resistant. No matter if you were caught in that unpredicted rain shower or you had to walk someone home, leather jackets would just do fine for almost any winter affair. Keeping this in mind we’ve come up with a collection of classy 12 colors Leather Jackets for Men that are handcrafted, bespoke and well classy. Take a look!


Black Leather Jacket

Let’s begin with this sleek black leather jacket with a funky orange patch that gives it a striking look. This orange spot can be seen as a sign of rebellion as well as a statement that says “Badass” outloud.


Blue Leather Jacket

Blue is cool and it gets awesome with that red “union jack” pattern on it. It’s a biker style leather jacket that can be paired with almost anything, literally.


Brown Leather Jacket

Brown is basically the staple color for a leather jacket. Here’s a vintage-look-brown-leather-jacket that has been handcrafted by our seasoned craftsmen while using the best quality top grain cowhide.


Green Leather Jacket

But at times, one feels like breaking the norms and shattering the imaginary walls of routine. Here’s a green leather jacket that’ll let you do just that. It’s an extremely fashion-forward piece that’ll take you on a journey of awesomeness.


Grey Leather Jacket

This simplistic design is plain decent and well the grey color only adds more class to it. Vintage feel, which is hard to find these days is literally oozing out of this elegant vintage leather jacket.


Maroon Leather Jacket

Military style maroon leather jacket is truly a class of its own. It’s a handcrafted, bespoke leather jacket like the rest and it’ll be stitched exclusively for each individual per their body measurements and other preferences.


Orange Leather Jacket

They say: “Orange is the Happiest Color” i couldn’t agree more, and this here is definitely a happy jacket. Made out of 100% real and the finest top-grain cowhide with six-pack-feature on the front. With a slight nudge of black, it looks more like happiness with a dint of attitude.


Red Leather Jacket

This guy for sure is a stalwart among leather jackets. It’s designed and crafted to be the game-changer. I can’t see why wouldn’t it just max up your appearance, can you?


White Leather Jacket

This biker style white hooded leather jacket has caught the attention of the fashion pack. It’s a meticulously designed and hand crafted leather jacket that’s perfect for unpredictable weather conditions.


Burgundy Leather Jacket

Last but not the least, is this swag leather jacket in a unique burgundy color. It’s a timeless vintage design, which is going to be game for a good number of years to come.