Limited edition brown leather satchel from leather jacket shop

Hold up! This might come as a surprise to you, but Leather Jacket Shop is no longer limited to jackets. Our speciality had always been leather, so we decided to use our craftsmen to design a new line of extraordinary bags. The first bag from new collection is a limited edition leather satchel bag that we promise you NEED to get!

Limited Edition leather Satchel bag from leather jacket shop place on a black background

1. A full-grain leather satchel lasts a lifetime

The Limited Edition Leather Satchel Bag is made from full-grain leather designed to last you a lifetime. You simply need to buy the limited edition leather satchel from leather jacket shop to have something to cherish forever. We promise that it will last you longer than a lifetime because of the top quality leather used in the making of this exquisite beauty. Who doesn’t need a bag that can tell everyone the wonderful stories of your upcoming adventures?

Close-up of the brown leather satchel bag from Leather Jacket Shop

2. It is designed to have room for all your gadgets

You no longer need to buy a bunch of bags to hold your essentials together on a trip. This limited edition leather satchel bag is sure to keep all your gadgets and essentials packed up nicely.

You can keep a 15 inch laptop, an iphone 6, pens, books, a couple of t-shirts and whatever you wish to take with you on a weekend getaway. Buckle the satchel, and get ready for your trip!

Brown leather satchel bag from leather jacket shop placed in a vintage setting

3. It has a minimalistic design to keep things organised

This extra chic bag is designed keeping an extremely slim and minimalistic design in mind. Our craftsmen don’t believe in making things large and flabby. You don’t need to carry anything that doesn’t add value to your journey. A large, flabby bag would never be the perfect choice. If a minimalistic leather satchel bag can do the job, why do you need to look for anything else?

Man holding leather satchel bag before embarking on a journey

4. It will be your best travel buddy

You NEED to take a break. Before you start to explode with stress and break down, you need to plan an adventure for yourself to unwind. On that adventure, a leather satchel bag that hold everything you need will be your best friend because a friend in need, is a friend indeed. Everything you HAVE to keep fits in this luxurious bag perfectly.

Person holding leather satchel bag as he walks on grass

5. There are only 10 limited edition satchels available

Yup! After having you drool over why you really NEED to get your hands on this limited edition satchel bag, we want to let you know that it really is pretty darn limited. You need to hurry before you miss the chance of buying one of these ten beauties available. The leather satchel is too hard to resist so quit reading this post and hurry to our stores now!!!

Minimalistic image of the brown leather satchel bag from leather jacket shop