Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to get those warm weather clothes out of the dark. But there’s a catch, it could be tricky to dress up when the temperatures are unpredictable and fluctuating. Here’s a collection of vintage leather jackets that are perfect for spring season.


90's Style Men's Vintage Leather Jacket

Miss 90’s much? Here’s your chance to relive the best times of your life. This jacket is re-designed and crafted to depict what was on the ramp during the 90’s. The orange spot on the collar; however, represents the modern times. So it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that this jacket is quite like a journey down the memory lane without losing touch of present.


Men's Brown Distressed Leather Jacket

Sleek, trendy and downright awesome! This leather jacket would certainly let you shine through your best, It’s a design which is ought to standout and is handcrafted while using the finest quality leather.


Military Maroon Leather Jacket Men

Time to get some military swag and here’s the right tool to do so. A military style maroon leather jacket that’s made out of pure top-grain cowhide. Moreover, it’s a handcrafted leather jacket, exclusively stitched for each individual.


Designers Ride To Live Leather Jacket

Ride in style with this dazzling biker leather jacket; even if you don’t ride you can sure walk in style. This glittery & fashion-forward leather jacket is all about style and class. It’s more like style and class walking hand-in-hand.


Beatles John Lennon Suede Leather Jacket

All the John Lennon fans and believers, this one’s for you! It’s a handcrafted piece, rather a collector item. It’s a suede leather jacket that is likely to match up with most items in your wardrobe, especially this time of the year when temperatures are rising and falling quickly.


Mission Impossible Suede Leather Jacket

Another suede jacket, because they can be worn with a wide variety of items. Suede jackets can look great with almost anything but make sure you avoid those april showers while wearing it.


Curious Case of Benjamin Button Jacket

Brad Pitt donned this sleek brown leather jacket in the “Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and so can you because we’ve made a precise replica of the original while paying attention to the details.


All jackets at Leather Jacket Shop are handcrafted with top-grain cowhide and the hide is extracted from animals that are bred and raised for the purpose of meat consumption. Moreover, each jacket is made afresh, exclusively stitched for each individual.