Protection remains the main concern for two-wheelers while they’re heading out for a ride. Sure, a motorcycle ride offers a lot of thrill but it sure is dangerous as the rider happens to be vulnerable and a slight mistake can result in a heavy damage, both physical and financial. Avoiding a road-mishap can sometimes be unavoidable, since it’s part of the game but there definitely is the right kind of protection gear available that lets you endure an unforeseen event like a crash. This protection gear includes a DOT approved Helmet, Leather Gloves, Motorcycle Boots and Leather Motorcycle Jackets.


Mens Leather Motorcycle Jackets are of immense importance in this family of protective gear, as they tend to protect riders skin and key joints in a case of crash & drag.

Leather Motorcycle Jackets are specifically designed and made to enhance rider’s safety and comfort. Full grain leather that has a thickness volume between 1.3 to 1.4mm is purposefully processed to increase durability and abrasion resistance. Leather Jacket Shop does just that as we acquire the finest quality leather from one of the best tanneries around and our skilled artisans then stitch every piece with immaculate attention to details. Let’s take a look at some of the Mens Leather Motorcycle Jackets by Leather Jacket Shop.

Let’s begin with this blue BMW motorcycle leather jacket. It’s a fully operational leather armour that’s made with thick & abrasion resistant leather.

Here’s a yellow Ducati motorcycle leather jacket. It’s a handcrafted one, like the rest and you can have it made exactly as per your size and measurements.

Kawasaki Racing Leather Jacket, which is equally practical for race tracks and street racing. It comes with CE approved removable protective padding.

This is an image of the removable padding that comes with every Leather Motorcycle Jacket. These items conform with the european technical standard and are CE approved.

You can easily attach these jackets with leather trousers using the circumferential zipper. Moreover, these jackets are handcrafted and made-to-measure, which implies that you’ll get one that’s made exclusively for you per your true body measurements. These jackets come with CE approved removable protective padding and are made with extremely abrasion resistant, thick cowhide leather. Click here to check out the detailed collection of Mens Leather Motorcycle Jackets.