Best Affordable Leather Jackets for Men & Women

Do you know what is the second most sold clothing item in the world? If it’s not already obvious, let us tell you that it’s leather jackets. Jeans are at the top. Here are a few reasons why people are so in love with this luxury piece of garment.

1. It’s a lifetime investment
2. Edgy outfit that enhances your personality
3. Suitable for casual or formal occasion
4. Easy to carry and looks good with any outfit.
5. Ideal for breezy cold evenings

You must be thinking about getting a leather jacket right now so let us share an insight of some most trendy, durable, and affordable jackets in town.

Mission Impossible Black Leather Blazer Jacket

Black Leather Blazer Jacket

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The biggest reason Why people opt for a leather jacket even though it’s a bit expensive as compared to the rest of the clothing is the outlook. No matter what, leather apparel will bring out the best in you. It makes you look masculine and ready to walk the fashion show at the same time. Such a low maintenance piece of clothing with so much charm and grace, you can’t resist it for long. And this one right here is unique with its coat style and front button closure. And guess what? Its regular price is only $319 that goes further low on a sale. 

Zipper Timeless Black Leather Jacket Men

Zipper Timeless Black Leather Jacket

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A leather jacket completes the wardrobe, it’s like a fashion armour for the stylish lot out there who like to keep things trendy. A well fitted, right size jacket is everything that a person looks for when it comes to luxury wearables. And if you’re getting a chance to grab one of those, don’t let it pass by. One of the best sellers at LJS is this gorgeous timeless beauty with the most sophisticated outlook. That shirt style collar that makes it the best fit for all your corporate meetings and the copper zipper adds the spunk only at $309. 

Soft Elegant Men's Red Leather Biker Jacket

Elegant Men's Red Leather Biker Jacket

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Most of us already have a black or a brown leather jacket in our closet so the next one needs to be different. For all those who are looking for a happening change from their regular clothing, this red elegant leather jacket is ideal. The designers have kept it sweet and simple with a banded collar and zipper front. What’s most important is to feel as comfortable as you look good and this one right here is the guarantee for that. At $294, you can hardly ever find a jacket as good as this. 

Classic Tan Brown Leather Jacket for Women

Classic Tan Brown Leather Jacket

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Dress like you’re already famous” is the mantra that most women believe in. And for that, the outfit needs to be on fleek. Leather jacket is the only clothing item that can hardly ever go wrong with any outfit and any combination. The rule is to follow the heart and be confident. Brown beauty right here is the best example of comfort, elegance, and grace. At just $309, it’s very unlikely to come across a leather jacket that is made with premium quality products. 

Female Biker Jacket

Female Leather Biker Jacket

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Guess what? Biker jackets are not just for bikers, anyone can wear these at any time, anywhere. A biker jacket is special because it comes with extra protective paddings on shoulders and usually elbows as well. This one right here has a unique style of matching black zipper that gives it a minimal yet spunky look. Lapel collar is all set to turn your bike ride into an adventure. Inner lining is comfortable as it gets. All these stunning features are just $284

Timeless Black Women Designer Leather Jacket

Timeless Black Designer Leather Jacket

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If you take good care of your jacket it’s guaranteed to last a lifetime so basically you’re buying a leather jacket that you’ll wear for ages. Make the right choice. Here’s something real special for the stunning ladies who like to take things up a notch. What’s better than a black leather jacket for everyday use, right? And this one right here is extra glamorous with its open front and long fitted sleeves. You can own this in just $314.

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