Biker Leather Jackets have their own signature charisma. They top the pack of leather jackets with their extreme usability features and the immense style they offer. Their origin goes back to the “Schott Perfecto” donned by Marlon Brando in The Wild One in the 50’s. Afterwards biker leather jackets have gone through a major evolution but they never ceased to be in the mainstream fashion. Leather Jacket Shop is home of handcrafted bespoke leather jackets and we have come up with a detailed collection of Biker Leather Jackets for Men, jackets that are trendy and custom tailored with the finest quality top grain calfskin leather.  Let’s take a look at some of them. 

Here’s a classic biker leather jacket that’ll set you apart from the ordinary in no time. It’s a timeless design that will take you through your journeys in style. It’s made with the finest quality top grain calfskin. It’s a bespoke and handmade piece and it will be made as per your true size and measurements.


Here’s a red version and i’ll let you in on a secret, it’s our top selling leather jacket, no wonder right?


This here is a traditional perfecto. This motorcycle jacket offers the same old biker look with modern touches. No matter how old it gets, no matter how many people you come across every day wearing this timeless design, you just won’t get enough of this classy piece.


A military style biker leather jacket which is somewhat a new induction in the fleet of leather jackets. It’s a meticulously designed leather jacket that will never cease to amuse your audience. The sartorial elegance and trendy looks go hand in hand in this biker leather jacket.


Being fashion forward has never been so easy. Pair this leather jacket up with a denim and a tee and you’ve acquired dazzling looks even before you know it. This leather jacket is rigorously designed to serve a purpose, and the purpose is to look trendy and show your class almost effortlessly.


Gone are the days of waving the flags, it’s time to wear it. This union jack leather jacket would let you speak the love of your homeland without any words. No wonder, clothes speak louder than words!


Leather Jacket Shop is home of bespoke leather jackets that are made afresh as per each individual’s size and preferences. All jackets are custom tailored and handmade with the finest quality top grain leather, which is sourced from one of the best and oldest tanneries in the region. For more leather biker jacket designs Click Here.