Why would someone want to buy a Leather Jacket when there are many other good options available? Certainly all the other options have their flaws as well as their positive features just like leather itself. Of course sorting the wheat from the chaff requires time and nerves, and generally speaking the “good options” that are likely to contend leather won’t come cheap. So if you’re ready to make an investment rather than just spending your money on something that will not stand the test of times, and wants a strong fashion statement that’ll speak out for you for decades, the answer is definitely a Leather Jacket.

A Leather Jacket made with pure cowhide leather would surely cost you some serious money, but then again that depends if you go for an expensive brand or you trust a less known brand that can give you the same or even better quality in far lower prices. However, given that a leather jacket is not as much dressy as some wool overcoat and is a little hard to match, then why would anyone buy Leather Jackets? Well… There are so many reasons that one should absolutely prefer a leather jacket over expensive, short-lived wool and cotton.


Attitude – Attitude tops the list of reasons as Leather Jackets are more masculine in looks than any other material for sure. From the beginning of human civilization, tough guys killed and skinned animals for their survival and of course they had a use for the skin in their minds. A Leather Jacket can certainly give its wearer stunning looks that scream masculinity and attitude.


Protection – Leather, for sure deserves the reputation it has for being tough, resilient and durable. It indeed is resilient and will definitely keep you protected not only from harsh weather elements, but it would fight cuts & scuffs like a warrior. Its highly abrasion resistant attribute makes it the top choice for motorcyclists. Of course, it wouldn’t stop all the harm of a high-speed collision with the wall. But if the rider happens to be sliding down the road, it would certainly keep him protected from the road friction. Moreover, it offers extreme water resistance, comfort and durability.


Durability – Nothing, I repeat, Nothing compares to Leather when it comes to the battle of materials over durability, age and longevity. A Leather Jacket made of original, full/top grain leather would last for decades. And if you take care of it just the way it takes care of you, chances are that it will outlive you!

So these above mentioned leather attributes are the reason that leather jackets are still pretty much in the frame given the fact that they are the oldest form of clothing. At The Leather Jacket Shop we make leather jackets so that you may have life long experience of comfort, style and great looks. All the items are handmade with the finest quality, full/top grain leather.