Cafe Racer Leather Jackets are one of the most favorite clothing items for motorcycle riders all over the world. The vintage designs from the 50’s and 60’s continue to live with all their zeal and passion. These classic leather pieces have stood their ground like true warriors and ranks at top of the list of leather jacket designs. A classy bike and a cafe racer leather jacket makes a killer combination. Save for the bike, these jackets are actually quite great and perfect off the bike as well.

We all know what a cafe racer leather jacket looks like, but few of us know how it got its name. It was after the WW2, countries like England and U.S. started to rebuild themselves, England mainly as it suffered heavy damages at the hands of Germans. So the rebuilding required an efficient transportation system. Asphalt ring arterials were built around the large cities and cafes were setup to maintain this new network of roads. After the war, there was a huge supply of surplus military motorcycles. People would buy these heavy military motorcycles, chop them down, turn them into great looking machines that could run pretty fast. These adventure loving motorcycle enthusiasts would race each other from one cafe building to another and hence the cafe race was born.

The cafe racer jacket was designed specifically for this post war motorcycle culture. A race practical leather jacket, with lesser belts and zippers was born and named cafe racer leather jacket.

In the modern times however, these jackets are still on the ramp, living through times and continuing to exist, with a modern touch of course.

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