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What Is Nappa Leather

A leather product consisting of a higher grade of full grain leather are usually characterized as nappa leather. It is known to have a softer feel which is one of the reasons for its wide use in clothing as well as furniture, bags and shoes.

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9/15/2020 4:13 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
What is Vegan Leather

Vegan leather basically contains ingredients that don't have anything to do with the animal skin. So long story short, faux and vegan leather are the same at so many levels.

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9/11/2020 4:57 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
What Is Suede Leather?

Suede leather usually comes from the underside layer of the animal skin. It is one of the most popular types of leathers as the quality of this one is different from others.

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9/10/2020 5:27 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
What Is Cowhide Leather?

Unbleached skin and hair of a cow before any tanning process, in its most natural form, is called cowhide leather. Although it sounds exciting but before any tanning process, it might not be suitable for wearing.

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9/10/2020 4:13 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
What Is Nubuck Leather

The top grain of the animal hide is used in the making of nubuck leather which is why it’s more durable as compared to suede. Both have a similar feel to it but the difference mostly lies in the characteristics.

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9/9/2020 8:52 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
What is Sheep Leather

For all the leather lovers, you may already know about this wonderful type of leather that is used in the making of lightweight jackets and gloves. As compared to all other types of leather, this one is mostly used for women leather goods.

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9/9/2020 7:16 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
Why Does Leather Crack

Leather is strong at the same time it’s smooth, delicate but long-lasting, stylish but comfortable. It is safe to say that it is the only piece of garment that contains such versatile characteristics. Leather is made out of animal skin which is quite susceptible to cracking.

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8/5/2020 7:07 PM By Afsheen 0 Comments Leather Guides
How To Get Bad Smells Out Of Leather

Depending on the quality of the leather and the place where you buy it from, the leather contains a specific smell. As it is made of animal skin, it is natural for the leather to stink a little bit when it’s new.

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7/27/2020 6:01 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
Best Leather Conditioner For Jackets & Coats

Although leather is naturally dust resistant and long-lasting but with regular use, it can get a bit dirty. If you don't take care of that right away, the leather might start to crack, tear and get stiff. 

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7/27/2020 4:50 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
How To Soften Stiff Leather Jacket

Leather comes from animals and is kept in its natural form to make leather products. The delicacy of leather requires special treatment which is why knowing more about its types and ways to clean it are important. Only by taking proper care, one can save their leather jacket from becoming stiff, dry or dehydrated.

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7/27/2020 12:53 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
How To Store A Leather Jacket

Contrary to popular opinion, leather jackets and coats are not that difficult to maintain. The better you care for them, the longer you get to enjoy them.

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6/26/2020 7:49 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
How to Remove Wrinkles from Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are naturally wrinkled and it takes some effort to get rid of those. It’s sensible to take precautionary measures while cleaning, pressing, or storing them instead of damaging an expensive piece of clothing.

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6/10/2020 8:20 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
Do Leather Jackets Stretch?

Buying a leather jacket can be an exhausting process that demands a lot of knowledge about the product and a clear head about buying preferences.

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6/8/2020 4:43 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
What Is Vegetable Tanned Leather

Real leather is obtained from animal skin after which it goes through an intense process to make it more durable and long-lasting. Those procedures vary depending on the end result that the manufacturers are aiming for. Tanning is one of the main elements that makes or breaks the leather product.

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6/3/2020 4:36 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
What is Brain Tanned Leather

Obtaining the brain tanned leather from wild animals such as deer is an old yet genius method. Native Americans back in early times used this process due to the lack of modern tanning techniques. Even today, with so many unique and comparatively easy tanning procedures, some of the native Americans stick to their original ways.

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6/2/2020 7:28 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
What Is Aniline Leather

Aniline is one of the favourite types of leathers used by fashion brands as it is dyed using soluble dyes. There is no uniform surface of insoluble pigmented sealant formed during its dying process which makes it unique.

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6/2/2020 4:11 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
What Is Latigo Leather

Leather in its all-natural form is hardly ever used in the making of long-lasting products such as jackets, bags or shoes. Natural leather is extremely delicate and cannot bear the test of time which is why it goes through the tanning process.

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6/1/2020 12:00 AM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides
How is a Leather Jacket Made

Turning a piece of leather into a fashion leather jacket takes time and goes through a rigorous process. A natural material turns into something wearable. A fashion leather jacket made at a large scale manufacturer is much different in its creation than one that isn’t made in bulk. Although creating a fashion leather jacket in bulk is much cheaper, it takes out the love and the detail that goes into creating a personalized product. The best kind of brands tend to create each product individually using traditional processes.

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5/22/2018 3:46 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Leather Guides
What Linings Are Used For Leather Jackets

Most leather jackets are designed with lining. Why is that? Lining is used to protect the leather jacket. It gives your leather jacket the advantage of absorbing sweat which means you’ll dry your leather jacket fewer times. It is also used to give the leather jacket more shape, comfort and weight in order to fit you perfectly.

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5/11/2018 3:19 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Leather Guides
How To Clean A Leather Jacket

When you buy a leather jacket, you should consider it an investment. It is something that you spend a lot of money on and expect it to last you a long time; perhaps a lifetime to complete its shelf-life. In order to do that, you need to be careful in how you care for it and keep it clean. If you spill something on it, stain it, or it gets dusty, you need to be extra careful in how you clean it. You can’t simply put it in the washer and expect it to come out fresh. You can read through this guide in order to learn how to clean your leather jacket and have it last you forever!

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5/10/2018 11:16 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Leather Guides
Is Your Leather Jacket Waterproof

When you invest in a leather jacket, you want to be as careful as you can in order to let it last as long as possible; sometimes forever. A good leather jacket costs a lot of money and you wouldn't want to throw it out because you didn’t know how to take care of it.

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5/2/2018 4:07 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Leather Guides
How Does Leather Age

Old is gold, right? That’s the case with leather as well. The older it gets, the more character it starts to develop. New leather is great too. It is extremely comfortable and is perfect for jackets. However, old leather has some unique advantages that develop with time. It develops a darker color and finish over time.

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4/30/2018 6:01 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Leather Guides
Leather Care Plan

Leather jackets cost quite a bit of money and can last for decades, but it’s only possible by taking good care of the jacket. Generally, this care begins from maintaining the jacket well and cleaning it the right way before storing it. In this leather protection plan, you’ll learn the art of maintaining a leather jacket.

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3/30/2018 6:01 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Leather Guides
Why are leather jackets so expensive

Follow this guide to learn why leather jackets are SO expensive. To your surprise, leather jackets are expensive not “just because” but due to very explicit reasons!.

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5/14/2017 2:18 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Leather Guides

Leather obsession is real. Here’s a test to find out if you’re crazy about leather. Leather is addictive and we won’t judge you if you show signs of leather addiction.

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5/8/2017 8:01 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Leather Guides
How to tell fake leather from real leather

Leather is beautiful and understanding it is an art. Not everyone has the expertise of identifying full-grain, top-grain, genuine or real leather. You need to learn certain tips and tricks to understand fake leather from real leather.

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3/21/2017 8:29 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Leather Guides
How to Identify Types of Leather

Leather is very attractive. The smell is extremely addictive too. This simple guide will teach you the 5 types of leather and you will no longer need an expert. 

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3/13/2017 9:26 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Leather Guides
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