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Make An Impression with the Amazing Outerwear Leather Jackets

Your clothes do the talking even before you do. Whenever you’re out, taking a walk by the riverside or window shopping in a mall, people tend to form an opinion about you, based on your clothing. 

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1/10/2020 5:48 PM By Afsheen 1 Comments Men's Fashion
Leather Biker Jacket, A Perfect Companion for Your Bike Rides

Badass, one word that describes a leather biker jacket in a simplest way. It’s very origin suggests that it was exclusively crafted to create an illusion of someone who would not hesitate riding his bike off a cliff. Marlon Brando introduced this iconic jacket style 60 years ago, when he donned a Schott Perfecto in the movie “The Wild One”.

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12/26/2019 5:09 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion Style Guide

If you’re willing to let your wardrobe pendulum swing towards Leather Apparel, we’re ready to give that swing a little push. With our collection of handmade Men’s Biker Leather Jackets you’d certainly acquire killer looks. 

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12/12/2019 4:30 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion
Evolution of Leather Jackets in Mankind

Leather jackets have been around since the beginning of times. In fact Leather is considered to be the most influential and consistent element in fashion world.

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12/11/2019 10:33 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion
Red is the Ultimate Cure for the Sadness

Did you know that dark colors make you look taller and leaner? Well now you do.

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11/14/2019 4:31 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion

Leather obsession is real. Here’s a test to find out if you’re crazy about leather. Leather is addictive and we won’t judge you if you show signs of leather addiction.

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5/8/2017 8:01 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Men's Fashion Women's Fashion Style Guide
All you need to know about buying a leather backpack

Buying a leather backpack can be risky business if it isn’t done right. The most common questions that may cross your mind in regard to buying a leather bag have been meticulously answered! 

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4/18/2017 7:31 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Men's Fashion Leather Bags
4 reasons why you NEED a Leather Duffel Bag

When you google leather duffel bags, you can find a long list of bags from all over. But not every bag is the same...

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4/16/2017 8:56 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Men's Fashion Leather Bags Style Guide
Why do you HAVE to buy this Leather Duffel Bag?

Our Weekend Getaway Hipster Leather Duffel Bag is a new release from leather jacket shop. It stands out from all the other bags that you might have seen around because of its original design yet exceedingly useful features. It is the perfect leather bag for your next adventure.

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4/10/2017 7:33 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Men's Fashion Leather Bags Style Guide
Sleeveless Jackets for Men are Still in Fashion and Why Not

Sure leather is one hell of a pricey clothing material but it can let you grab that insanely hot swag in no time and that’s the reason leather never goes out of fashion.

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3/14/2017 12:00 AM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion
How to Identify Types of Leather

Leather is very attractive. The smell is extremely addictive too. This simple guide will teach you the 5 types of leather and you will no longer need an expert. 

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3/13/2017 9:26 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Men's Fashion Leather Guides Style Guide

Leather jackets or even simple biker jackets are the coolest, that’s a given. No questions asked, right? But if you still need to be convinced, this simple list of why leather jackets are the coolest in the world is sure to convince you!

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3/13/2017 3:09 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Men's Fashion Style Guide

Leather jackets may be a bit confusing to differentiate. You may not be able to tell the difference unless you take a slight lesson. Let’s prepare you to answer what types of leather jackets are there.

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Limited edition brown leather satchel from leather jacket shop

Hold up! This might come as a surprise to you, but Leather Jacket Shop is no longer limited to jackets. Our speciality had always been leather, so we decided to use our craftsmen to design a new line of extraordinary bags.

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3/5/2017 3:28 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Men's Fashion Leather Bags

Who says leather and summers don't go hand and hand? Certainly not us. This summer we have created a line of trendy yet summer friendly jackets so that you can look cool without being a hot mess.

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2/26/2017 3:40 PM By Samar Iqbal Comments Men's Fashion Style Guide

Do you have a cafe racer leather jacket, that is wasting it’s years at the back of your closet? If yes, then it’s time to bring that bad boy out.

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2/21/2017 9:57 PM By Samar Iqbal Comments Men's Fashion Style Guide
The Double Rider SUMMER JACKET - New in

Ever imagined yourself cruising in the middle of a desert wearing the ultimate biker outfit? Well, to be fair who hasn't?

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2/19/2017 9:48 PM By Samar Iqbal Comments Men's Fashion Style Guide
Retro Racer Summer Jacket

The Retro Racer Jacket gives too much away simply by its name. It’s a racer jacket; pretty clear by what it’s called, isn’t it?

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2/10/2017 9:24 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Men's Fashion Style Guide
Summer Brown Leather Shirt

You’ve been wearing black leather jackets for a lifetime. Every famous person you come across must have a black leather jacket picture on the internet. Been there, done that right? But but....

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2/10/2017 6:02 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Men's Fashion Style Guide
Summer Wear

Too hot to handle: Leather Jacket Shop releases its new Summer Jacket Collection. 7 New Jackets to wear this summer and let your skin breathe.  

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2/6/2017 11:03 PM By Kinza Raheel Comments Men's Fashion Style Guide
Perfect Winter Wear Hood Leather Jackets for Winters

Think about winter costume and if a leather jacket doesn’t come to your mind then you really need to upgrade your fashion wardrobe.

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3/17/2016 6:09 PM By Omer Comments Men's Fashion Style Guide

Is a motorcycle ride dangerous? Of course it is, no doubt there but the danger-factors can be dodged with the right protection.

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2/22/2016 5:41 PM By Omer Comments Men's Fashion
Get in Style this Fall with Fascinating Movie Jackets for Men

We have all been inspired by movie characters at some point in our lives so much that we even tried to copy them. But the real struggle is to get an exact replica of their costumes.

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10/7/2015 6:06 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion Style Guide

It’s quite obvious that no person in the right frame of mind would purposelessly throw their money away, right? But the fact is, that most of us actually throw our hard earned money away, without knowing of course. Now the question that arises here is; How do we do that? Well, it’s pretty simple, we throw our money away in the form of unfruitful buying decisions, ending up buying something, which doesn’t add value, let alone provide satisfaction.

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7/10/2015 4:42 PM By Omer Comments Men's Fashion
LJS would let you Roll into the Persona of your Favorite “Avengers; The Age of Ultron” Character

Are you a movie buff? Do you like the idea of imitating a character from your most recent favorite movie? Well, now would be the perfect time to get the costume and let the world know which character from Avengers you desire to turn into. How about Chris Evans – the famous Captain America? It would be super exciting to get to be the protector of the realm. 

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6/16/2015 5:08 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion
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