Unless you have developed a strong taste for shirts with buttons made of gold, a leather jacket is most probably the biggest investment in your wardrobe that you’ll ever make. Why i called it an investment? well… if you buy a leather jacket that’s made with the pure top grain leather, chances are that your future grandchildren might one day end up wearing it. That’s true, as leather is undoubtedly an immortal material and leather jackets; they’re never going out of mainstream clothing, ever.

Leather Jackets are famous for their capability for transforming a layman into a badass tough shot instantly. But then again it’s not some sort of a universal truth as it can might as well be the opposite. A leather jacket that doesn’t fit you good will definitely make you look ridiculous regardless of it’s price tag. The secret lies in the choice and the way one wears a leather jacket.

Choosing the best leather jacket, which is both a smart investment and fits you perfectly, is an art. We’re here to help you master the art. The first suggestion that we’d like to give you is; don’t go for ready-made jackets as they’re not exclusively made for you rather, they’re made while keeping in focus profit margins. So the first step in choosing the right leather is to go for a bespoke, custom made leather jacket. Now you must be thinking that handmade, tailor stitched leather jackets will probably make you go homeless. That’s just a perception and a wrong one, as all the jackets at our store The Leather Jacket Shop are hand stitched, exclusively made for you and the prices are highly competitive. You can get yourself a world class, custom stitched leather jacket, which is made with the finest quality, top grain leather by craftsmen with experience of generations, for under $400.

Okay so next step is to choose the color of the jacket, wisely. How often are you going to wear it? What is the average weather? Will you be getting in contact with a lot of oil, grease or dust? ask yourself such questions before you make a choice and you’ll end up getting yourself a jacket that’s perfectly suitable for your conditions. Getting back to color choice of the jacket - you’re going to have to consider your own skin color, the color of your hair and eyes while deciding the color for your jacket.

In a recent blog that i wrote about brown leather jackets my emphasis was more towards the dark brown hues. For now I am thinking to highlight the other side of the brown, which is tan. Tan leather jackets are definitely a league of their own. Tan is one of the complex most colors, at least to me it is. What made me say that? well.... Tan is among those colors which can either look extremely good or extremely bad, there are no middle grounds when it comes to Tan. So if you’re willing to take the risk here is a detailed collection of Tan Leather Jackets for men & women.