Cosplay as it suggests is a combo of two words: Costume & Play, which means you don’t only wear a costume but you also play the character. For instance, if you decide to wear Batman then you have to walk and talk like him too. The practice which originated initially in Japan, is quite mainstream now and a popular culture globally. Even though it has gained popularity, still when it comes to owning a leather jacket many people wouldn’t take into account the fact that Cosplay can be a great source of inspiration. Since it’s mainstream and we’re definitely living in the era where it’s normal for men’s fashion to be bold, funky and coveted.

Leather Jacket Shop has in store the Best cosplay leather jackets Collection.

Cody Rhodes Leather Vest
Let’s begin with this amazing “Cody Rhodes” sleeveless leather jacket. If your style preference is a little more on the dandy side, investing in this timeless leather vest would definitely add some class to your wardrobe.

Kill Bill Jacket Orange
Moving over to this orange “kill bill” leather jacket for men, which certainly is an attention magnet. While making you standout the crowd it’ll keep you warm & cozy. Undoubtedly one of the best cosplay leather jackets out there.

Ben10 Jacket
Ben10 isn’t only famous among the kids but the teenagers as well and this fine ben 10 cosplay jacket is a result of true workmanship. It’s a handcrafted leather jacket, which is made afresh each time, for each individual, exactly as per the measurements provided.

Dark Knight Batman Jacket
Here comes the “Batman” which by far is one of the most favorite cosplay costumes. Who wouldn’t want to play Batman? I certainly would and this Batman leather cosplay jacket can let that happen without worrying about all those fancy batman vehicles.

Captain America Jacket
Captain America!!! With the due release of Captain America’s sequel “Civil War” it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say, it’s one of the most awaited movies this brand new year. However, the fun is on a roll and you’re certainly allowed to join in by simply getting into the Captain America’s outfit and start making the impression right away.

X-men Wolverine Jacket
Don’t forget “X-men Wolverine” when you’re looking for those awesome eye-catching cosplay costumes. Like the rest, it definitely is one of the best cosplay leather jackets, which lets you transform into an unbeatable character, instantaneously


Superman Jacket
Knew you were waiting for this and here it is. “Superman - Smallville” cosplay leather jacket. Well, while it would make a splendid cosplay leather jacket. it will also let you hang around them friends in some serious style and save for all the comfort and coziness it’d have to offer.

This collection is built around some of the best cosplay leather jackets. However, if you think we missed out on your favorite cosplay costume let us know and we will come up with one for you. All the jackets are hand crafted with top-of-the-line naturally tanned calfskin with a top grain finish. These bespoke leather armors are made afresh each time, solely and exclusively for you, right as per your true body measurements.