Leather jackets have been around for centuries. In fact Leather has been used for clothing since the earliest days of Mankind. People living in the pre-historic era, skinned animals and wrapped their skins around their bodies. To fight the harsh weather elements. Civilizations as old as “Babylonia” used Leather Garments that were also brightly embroidered. Roman soldiers used leather for shoes, coats and even in their shields. Thus, leather remains to be the oldest friend of Mankind. It has evolved with us, throughout the journey of times and evolution.


A relevant example of this parallel evolution emerged in world war I. Back then the fighter planes did not have enclosed cockpits. So it was quite cumbersome to fly at high altitudes. Pilots had to wear something that kept them warm on such heights, and guess what they came up with? Of course, leather jackets and coats, and this was the origin of “Bomber Leather Jackets”. Soon after, these military jackets became popular. For instance, G-1, which became so famous that people started to look at it as a collector item. The popularity of this American Military Leather Apparel further evolved into symbols of Liberty, Adventure, Honor and above them all, Masculinity.


Soon after world war II, Leather Apparel Culture started to kick in strong. And one could see biker gangs wandering about the highways wearing leather. Iconic actors, like Marlon Brando started wearing Leather Attire in movies. And they made their way into Hollywood and fashion industry. Later-on the Rock Music scenario of the 60’s & 70’s gave a skyrocketing push to Leather Culture. And they became widely acceptable among men and women from all walks of life.


Men’s Leather Jackets grew into many categories. Such as Biker, Leather Blazers & Coats, Motorcycle Sports, Suede Leather Jackets, etc. The most commonly used leather is Cowhide. However, Sheepskin is also widely used to manufacture Men’s Leather Jackets. The Leather Jacket Shop team loves to design and create leather apparel, which is durable, trendy and rare. This innate love for leather has compelled us to come up with an extensive collection of Men’s Leather Jackets. Which further streams down into many sub-categories.


Leather Jackets are not mere clothing items, and they are not considered just as that. Rather, they are more like legends, who have evolved along with human mankind. And still remain as one of the most used and cherished clothing items. This parallel evolution is best described in the following lines, written on the back of a Leather Jacket, of course.


"My jacket tells a bit of who I am and what I believe in. It cuts out a lot of hassle in meeting like-minded individuals. It grows as I do and will continue until we're both aged leather."