A distance of a thousand miles is covered with numerous small steps. The Leather Jacket Shop is doing just that, as we stride forward, step by step to get to the destination.

After the successful launch of our very first outlet in Australia, we proudly announce our next-day-delivery service. Now you can get your Leather Jacket delivered at your doorstep the very next day.

Besides the top-notch quality Leather, super-strong nylon threads and YKK branded quality zippers, we stitch our Jackets with utmost passion and precision. Our team of leather frenzy designers and craftsmen have undoubtedly created masterpieces, which can easily make you fall in love with them, at the very first sight.

And if you have fallen in love with the Jacket you just purchased from Leather Jacket Shop and can’t wait to get a hold of it, we have come up with a solution to your craving with our “Wear it tomorrow” Service. By paying as low as $15 extra you can have your Jacket delivered to you as soon as the very next day.

However, for now this offer is valid only for specific items displayed in “Wear it tomorrow” category. Later, definitely we will add more items in the category.

We continuously hunt for the Best Quality Leather before we move on to Processing, Cutting and Stitching phases. Our Jackets are exclusively designed and stitched for Quality Hungry customers.