Halloween is just around the corner, excitement fills the air and many of us are still wondering what to wear this halloween. A costume that’s able to project your true image, while you troll the streets for free candy, should be accessible. If you opt to decide your halloween costume at 11th hour, chances are that you might end up wearing something that invites bullies or drive away the attention.

We suggest that you think with a relaxed mind about your costume, are there any objectives that you might want to achieve or tell a story? Maybe you want to portray that dark side of your personality, which you’re far too shy to show off. Whatever the case maybe just don’t wear anything that has been tried by thousands of people already. If you’re getting stuck while thinking about what to wear and don’t seem to come up with the right idea. we’re here to help.

Wouldn’t it be cool to play hot? Leather certainly can get you all dressed up for the night and trust me not many people are thinking to slip into a leather hoodie or a motorcycle leather jacket for that matter.

If you’re too old to be collecting those king sized chocolate bars, don’t worry as partying isn’t that bad after all. Go out there and give a strong message that you’re still game and what would be better than a Leather Jacket to serve the purpose?

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