How to Wear a Leather Jacket for Every Occasion

A leather jacket is a staple form of clothing for any man. No matter what you like to wear, you’d always own at least one leather jacket. If you’re an extrovert or an introvert, an macho-man or someone sensitive, a leather jacket fashion just fits. It not only goes with every man’s fashion taste and personality, but also looks appropriate for every occasion depending on what you pair it with. Leather jackets are no longer restricted to bikers, metal-heads, Marlon Brando or Elvis Presley. If you’re looking to wear something formal, semi-formal or casual, a leather jacket fashion will look great with every choice no matter who you are or what you like to wear. You can follow a few tips to dress on-point for every occasion.

Date Night: A pair of chinos, a button-down shirt, white sneakers and a leather jacket

Date night style ideas from leather jacket shop

If you want to dress up for a date night, you want to dress in a way that gives off something between casual and semi-formal. You want to impress the lady you’re taking out to dinner with something that shows you’re a man who takes control, looks fresh and is well-dressed. You don’t want to look like you’re going out on a night out with friends neither do you want to dress like you’re headed to a business meeting. To look your best, you should buy a pair of chinos and pair it with a button-down shirt. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to wear something that’s completely out there. You can buy a beige pair of chinos, with a blue button-down shirt, white sneakers and top it off with a black cafe racer jacket. This will give off a very neat look while falling between something both casual and semi-formal. You’ll be sure to impress your lady.

P.S.: A nice perfume and a watch always helps!


Casual: A pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a leather jacket 

Casual styling ideas from leather jacket shop

In order to dress for something casual, such as a night out with your friends, you’ll want to look and feel at ease. To do that, you should pair your jeans with a nice t-shirt and throw on a leather jacket. You can either wear a cafe racer, a double-rider or a bomber. You’re going out with your friends, it shouldn’t be something too daring. It should look and feel comfortable. Don’t stress over what’s underneath the leather jacket because whatever you pair your leather jacket fashion with, will make you look extra cool and super easy-going. Don’t wear something that will make you feel uneasy for a long night out. The more at ease you’ll feel, the better you’ll look. So, bring out that bad boy, pair it with a couple of jeans and t-shirt and hit the road with your friends.

Semi-formal occasion: Khakis, a polo shirt and a leather jacket

Semi-formal occasion style ideas from leather jacket shop

For a semi-formal occasion, such as a family dinner or a farewell party, you can pair your leather jacket with some khakis and a white or black polo shirt.  This will make you look perfectly dressed for a dinner. You won’t look too casual and neither too formal. Make sure you pair your outfit with a nice pair of shoes. If you have white shoes, they’ll look great. Otherwise, something blue, brown or black would look good too. You want to keep everything basic. Don’t go overboard with the color combinations in order to look appropriate for a semi-formal occasion. 

Formal: A slim moto jacket, a dress shirt, tie and slacks

Formal style ideas from leather jacket shop

In order to dress formally for a business meeting or an office lunch, you’ll need to be very careful about what you wear. A leather jacket might not be your first choice when you imagine a formal setting but don’t worry, you can wear one if you pull it off right. A leather jacket will make you look dynamic and youthful. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll look informal or inappropriate. You can pair a slim moto jacket with a nice dress shirt, preferably white with a slim black tie, black sacks and formal shoes. You’ll look extremely professional yet young and enthusiastic if you wear a leather jacket instead of the basic blazer. Make sure your leather jacket isn’t a double rider and doesn’t have too many buckles and belts. The simpler your leather jacket, the more formal you’ll look. So, go back to the basics and pull of a nice formal look with your dress shirt, tie, slacks and leather jacket!

Overall, you can wear a leather jacket in any attire you wish. How appropriate you make it look depends on what you pair it with. Be smart in order to look smart. Grab a leather jacket and start experimenting!

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