Instructions for Monday

Monday morning, your alarm rings, you open your groggy eyes with the sad realization that it’s Monday, the weekend is over and a week’s worth of work lies in front of you. Oh, the horror!

One reason why you shouldn't be starting your day with that thought is because it determines how our day turns out.

For a happy, productive, and an overall easy Monday. Follow our instructions:

Step# 1- Be Grateful 

Be grateful for everything that you get to accomplish in a day, because adopting a welcoming mindset increases the amount of experiences that you’ll get out of life.

Gratitude reworks your psyche and attracts more positivity in your life.

Step# 2- Let go of worries

We get it, sometimes things could bundle up and it may seem like everything is impossible but you need to take a step back and look at things from a broader perspective.

Instructions for Monday

Ask yourself, would your XYZ problem still impact your life with the same intensity in 5 years from now?

Step# 3- Be spontaneous 

As the days go by, we slowly circle back to the same repetitive routines. The monotony of our lives take a toll on our thinking and it stuffs us in this box. In order to stay fresh, you need to burst out and do something out of the ordinary, it may simply mean eating breakfast outdoors instead of your usual kitchen.

As the famous saying goes:

Instructions for Monday

Step# 4- Dress to kill

What you wear reflects how you feel in the day, so make smart choices in the morning. Instead of wearing something that ill-fits you, wear something that makes you feel like it was made for you. Just like our leather summer jackets are hand-crafted to make sure that it represent who you are.

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