Leather Biker Jacket, A Perfect Companion for Your Bike Rides

Badass, one word that describes a leather biker jacket in a simplest way. It’s very origin suggests that it was exclusively crafted to create an illusion of someone who would not hesitate riding his bike off a cliff. Marlon Brando introduced this iconic jacket style 60 years ago, when he donned a Schott Perfecto in the movie “The Wild One”.

Man in Leather Biker Jacket - Model Image 1

A Bad Boy with a heart is how we recall Johnny Strabler, the leader of an infamous motorcycle gang “The Black Rebels”. This iconic character and of course the iconic motorcycle leather armour earned a bad name and caused so much commotion that it got banned from schools in the U.S. However, soon leather biker jackets made their way into the mainstream fashion and onto the ramps.

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Since then it never got off our TV screens, as every now and then you would find some model walking that glittery ramp in a biker jacket with a new vibe. It’s just not models that you’ll find falling for leather jackets every season, celebrities have also rocked this iconic piece over the years. 

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Fashion Gurus, throughout history have played their part in making sure the biker jacket remains a menswear staple. The likes of Steve McQueen, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt & David Beckham are fond of these timeless leather outfits and God bless these men for reminding that to us again and again.

Premium Quality Men's Black Leather Biker Jacket

Every year’s winter collection from around the world is considered incomplete without leather jackets in it. Subsequently every year’s leather collection is inadequate without a couple of biker jackets. Take a look at this stunning minimalist black jacket. Just like always, LJS brings the best of the best biker outfits. 

Terminator Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket

We have vowed to provide you with the most unique and outstanding apparels and keeping in mind that promise, we present this black beauty. Matching golden buttons, unique pocket style and that lapel collar, everything screams style and elegance. So if you’re looking to ride on the highway of fashion planet, this is where you begin !

Zipper Time Less Black Leather Jacket Men

Leather Jacket Shop lets you choose from the most fashion-forward and trend-on designs of men leather biker jackets. This black one is an example of a perfect balance between comfort and class. All the jackets atop our shelves including this one are hand stitched and crafted while using the finest quality material and paying full attention to the details.

Each piece is designed, cut and stitched as per your requirements and we take huge pride in making the best leather biker jackets that you’ll ever come across.

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