Leather Care Plan

Leather jackets cost quite a bit of money and can last for decades, but it’s only possible by taking good care of the jacket. Generally, this care begins from maintaining the jacket well and cleaning it the right way before storing it. In this leather protection plan, you’ll learn the art of maintaining a leather jacket.

Leather Protectors For The Win:

Leather care plan from leather jacket shop

Just like the furniture is polished before you use it for the first time, leather jackets also need to be treated with a good leather protector. These are odorless and colorless liquids that can be sprayed directly onto your jackets. These protectors typically save the jacket from water, oil, dirt and any other such material that can leave stains on your jacket.

Occasional Conditioning is Good: 

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Leather conditioners are used keep leather from drying out or cracking. It is important to check which leather conditioner is suitable for the type of leather used in your jacket  specially for nubuck or suede leather). Ingredients like mink oil, neatsfoot oil and other natural animal oils are ideal conditioners but they tend to darken the leather. Never use any products that contain mineral oil or petroleum as it will damage your jacket. 

Polish Your Leather Jacket:

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Leather polishes are good for bringing your jacket’s shine back but they can potentially discolour your jacket. Therefore, they must only be used for special occasions only and must be tried on a hidden area of the jacket first, before using it. Suede or other leather with soft and fuzzy textures should not be polished or they’ll be damaged.

Getting Rid of Salt Deposits:

During hard and damp winter season, you may find salt deposits appearing on your leather jacket. Wipe these salts off instantly, using a damp cloth, so to avoid any dry spots or cracks on your leather jacket. Don’t forget to apply the conditioner on the affected areas after air drying your jacket.

Always Air Dry Damp Leather Jackets:

Leather care hacks from leather jacket shop

In case your jacket gets wet, hang it on hanger such that no wrinkles remain and let it dry on room temperature. Don’t forget to remove all the objects from the pockets of the jacket, to keep it from deshaping. Always keep your jacket away from direct heat sources such as airing cupboards or radiators. Always use a wide shoulder hanger to hang your jacket.

Learn How To Remove Wrinkles:

Leather maintenance plan from leather jacket shop

Although it is very much recommended to take your jacket to a professional leather cleaner, for getting the wrinkles removed, you can do it yourself by placing the leather jacket under a cloth and ironing it quickly with lowest setting.

If you follow the above mentioned steps from the day you receive your jacket, it will last you a lifetime for sure. These leather care tips combined with the highest quality of leather is the perfect equation for an everlasting jacket. At the end of the day, it’s in your hands to let your leather jacket last as long as possible depending on how well you care for it from the start!