It’s hard to imagine an item in a man’s wardrobe that has captured the attention of wanna-be-bad-boys quite as much as a leather jacket or a leather coat. Am i right? or am i right? Give it a thought. A right leather attire can elevate your look and style with a rugged edginess that cannot be duplicated, easily.

Don’t believe me? Wait until you will. Let’s think over it like this; you’re walking down a street wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Looks like some bad guy would easily kick your butt, take your cell phone, make some calls, in your face, while you stand, watch and wait to get your phone back. Relax! it’s just imagination. I know that it might just as well be the opposite. But my point; if you could only throw a leather coat over that jeans and shirt, you’d reduce your ‘easy-prey’ looks to a 30 possibly 40% right there. That’s the power of the magic spell a great leather jacket or a leather coat can cast on your audience.



So, today even the temperature has risen a little bit. I thought it would be a great idea to talk to you guys, about leather coats of course. I am pretty much sure that all of us know that leather coats are made with the tanned cowhide. Doesn’t mean that they kill the animal only to get the leather. But the leather comes from the animals, which have been bred for meat production. Next time you think, leather jackets are cruel - think about your double beef burger or steak the same way. So let’s get on with it. Leather Jackets are as old as the human civilization itself, as there’s no way that humans wore anything but the skin of those animals that they killed for meat. It’s pretty much the same as of today, the only thing that has changed is the way we make them and the styles they’re being made in. Oh and you can also take into account, the evolution of leather jackets. They evolved with us, just as we did, pretty cool right?

Slowly and gradually, with the passage of time, leather jackets evolved from mere animal skins to leather armors and from leather armors to bomber leather jackets. Biker jackets were being introduced in the 50’s and from there on, it has been an unstoppable roller coaster ride.

However, in the present times, one can find leather pants, trousers, motorcycle jackets, leather undergarments and leather coats. Yes! leather coats. Albert Einstein once said; A Leather Jacket solves a coat problem for many years. Trust me... he actually said that - what a genius. Anyhow, Leather Jacket Shop has in store a wide range of leather coats for men, do take a look. Well for the women, of course how can one ignore or forget the beautiful female species. Here’s a collection of leather coats for women by Leather Jacket Shop.