Leather Jacket Shop is thriving to become the Leather Market Leader in Australia. The opening of our first physical outlet in Melbourne following the success of our online store evidently supports the claim. We still have a long way to go, but we’re extremely happy about it, as we will have to cover all this distance with great people such as our customers, who do not cease to place their trust in our Quality Leather Products.


The response that Leather Jacket Shop outlet at 18 Mareborne Street, Epping, Vic 3076 got from the Australian clientele is Phenomenal, and we are ever thankful to our customers for such great feedback.


Wear-it-Tomorrow is the most recent step that we have taken in order to serve our prestigious clients. It’s a next-day-delivery service through which our customers would have the pleasure of receiving their Jackets the very next day.


As the Cricket World Cup excitement unfolds in Oceania, we have all the reason to be up on our toes and bring more joy to our customers. We have also launched a Season Greetings Discount of $20 on all Leather Jackets Australia, which is surely due to this festive energy that engulfs us all around. The energy that drives us to perform, seems to be ever increasing, and it’s due to this passion that we strive to deliver quality with style and excellence.

We look forward to welcome you at our outlet and have the pleasure to show you our quality products for real. We are pretty sure that you wouldn’t find such quality products in such affordable price range anywhere else. We also let you design your own Jacket, as you can choose from a wide range of our customization options and wear a Jacket exclusively designed by yourself for Yourself.

Leather Jackets Australia undoubtedly is a domain with lots of potential and we are trying to fit in by providing our customers with unmatched quality Leather Jackets in prices that are not only affordable but are also unrivaled.