A Leather Jacket simply cannot be subjected to a single style or item, as there are many options in terms of styles, materials and of course colors. Labelling one style in particular as the best jacket can be a tough call, as it’s only a matter of personal preferences and the looks one want to acquire. At times, all of us feel like doing something different than the routine or wear something different for that matter. Most of the times when we do want to wear something that we wouldn’t normally, we don’t have it handy. It’s highly recommended that you put a clothing item, which can be labelled as “different”, in your wardrobe. So that whenever you feel like breaking the norms, you actually have the tools to do it. Alright so how about a leather jacket? Yes you do already have them but what about a different color this time? how about a maroon leather jacket?

Leather Jacket Shop has in store a wide collection of Maroon Leather Jackets for Men & Women alike. All the jackets are handmade with the highest quality top grain leather while paying great amount of attention to details, edging and finish. Moreover, the designs are really cool and well thought out.



For instance, take a look at this military style maroon leather jacket for men.

Its unique design and ravishing looks would certainly let you break the shackles of normality. Here’s the same jacket but with black stripes, which look downright awesome. Its distinctive feature in terms of style, color and stitching makes it among the most desired maroon leather jacket among our clientele.



Here’s a female version of the above discussed military style maroon leather jacket for women

If you stroll ahead and take a look at all of our collection of Maroon Leather Jackets for Men & Women we’re quite sure that you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself back from appreciating their immaculate quality, vivid details and designs that are far more than exquisite. We make the best leather apparel that there is and we love maroon, do you?