Celebrities, most of them, are recognized by their signature art, but many are admired for their sense of style too. Those who are known for their exceptional style are often the trendsetters and all of them own leather jackets. The leather jackets that they wear are seen as iconic and inspirational pieces. Leather Jacket Shop offers a collection of these iconic Men’s Celebrity Leather Jackets that have been worn by celebrities.

Ring any bells? This one here is a precise replica jacket ‘Liam Neeson’ wore in ‘Taken’.

This classy bomber leather jacket is coming straight out of Brad Pitt’s wardrobe. He wore this jacket to 57th annual Sebastian Film Festival where he along with legendary Quentin Tarantino waved to the fans.

Here’s a Captain America ‘Winter Soldier’ leather jacket black version. It’s a true statement of excellent craftsmanship. Made with top grain calfskin, this leather armor is ought to live forever.

Tan Brown Aviator Celebrity Leather Jacket for Men is HOT! This biker turned aviator is a classic design that has been refurbished for the modern man.

Here’s a Batman ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Leather Jacket. This leather jacket caught many eyes back in the days and we’ll let you in on a secret, it’s one of our hot sellers, go figure!

Captain America signature leather jacket is all that you need to transform ordinary looks into badass ones, in no time.

Go green with this amazing Ben10 Green Men’s Celebrity Leather Jacket. Kids are going to love you for wearing this.

You must be wondering where’s Hugh Jackman, right? Well he ain’t here but the jacket is certainly here for you. This X Men Wolverine Leather Jacket is made with precision and passion. The signature piping on the jacket is available in a variety of colors.

King of Pop ‘Michael Jackson’ donned this leather jacket in his famous Pepsi commercial. We’ve made a precise replica of the jacket and it’s as good as the original one.

We have compiled a huge range of Mens Celebrity Leather Jacket Replicas. These jackets are made-to-measure, bespoke and handcrafted. If you think we’ve missed out on your favorite celebrity’s leather jacket, let us know and we’ll make one for you, just as you want it to be.