Is a motorcycle ride dangerous? Of course it is, no doubt there but the danger-factors can be dodged with the right protection. Cars or any other means of transportation for that matter, have their pros and cons, they all have their fear factors. Ask yourself this question next time you board a plane. Fear, danger or whatever, there are always two sides of this coin. Avoidable and unavoidable factors. Unavoidable factors are well simply unavoidable, that’s mother nature at work, there’s nothing much you can do about it.

Sure you can avoid the ones that are in your control and getting the right protection is the right way to do it. Minor injuries imperatively become the major ones, this distance between the two can either be expanded or reduced rapidly. The only thing that stands between these two is undoubtedly a proper motorcycle riding gear. That includes a DoT approved helmet, motorcycle leather jackets, motorcycle leather pants, motorcycle leather gloves and motorcycle leather boots.


One material which is common in all of the above mentioned biker gear items, is leather. Leather because it’s abrasion resistant, resilient and tough. It won’t let your skin be exposed to road friction, which is why it’s highly recommended that whatever the protection gear item it may be, it should always be in leather. Moreover, this motorcycle specific protective gear comes with extra padding, which ensures safety if the rider happens to be sliding down the road. Always make sure the material used for elbows, knees, back and shoulder protectors/sliders is CE certified.

Here’s a detailed collection of men’s motorcycle leather boots by Leather Jacket Shop. These biker boots are made with 1.2-1.3 mm thick cowhide, which is further processed for excellent abrasion resistance and durability. They’re designed specifically to accord the rider with an ultimate biking experience while not at all compromising on protection and safety. From the inside they’re ought to have a comfortable room while on the outside they’re bound to produce excellent grip over gear levers and footpegs.


Motorcycle leather boots could be the last item on your mind while thinking about protective gear but leather gloves should not. There is no way one should ride without wearing a helmet and hand gloves. motorcycle leather gloves are no ordinary mitts rather they’re designed and crafted to maximize the rider’s safety. Motorcycle riders know that when they’re hit and tossed off their bikes, the first body part that’s likely to hit the ground is their hands. So why not prop up the protection with the right gear? Leather Jacket Shop has all the necessary accessories to allow you do just that. Here is a collection of motorbiking leather gloves, which are handcrafted with finest quality leather and are equipped with CE approved sliders on knuckles, wrists and fingers.

If you’re a race track rider or an enthusiast who rides occasionally on sunday afternoons to deal with the saturday hangover. Protection is a must and we know that you know it but the real problem is lack of quality items in an affordable price range. We strive to change that and for that very reason we have assembled a great collection of motorcycle riding leather gear. Take a look around our store and feel free to ask us anything that you might want to. All orders are made afresh per clients measurements, time to get yours.