The Double Rider SUMMER JACKET - New in

Ever imagined yourself cruising in the middle of a desert wearing the ultimate biker outfit? Well, to be fair who hasn't?

Presenting to you in our new Summer Collection is the jacket on the minds of all biker enthusiasts. The double rider leather jacket.

How do we keep our summer jackets cool?

A summer jacket is made from extra special material to keep you super cool during the heat. We call this Perforated leather; which is a special summer material that has tiny pores allowing your skin to breathe. Mesh lining on the other hand is also used as a breathable lining.

Features of The Double Rider Jacket:

The jacket in all its glory really is an ultra modern article that has a pointed collar with a trendy flap pocket on the bottom which makes it unique. To make it comfortable for the summer time, we got you covered, it's fully perforated! (You now know what that means!)

The Double Rider SUMMER JACKET - New in

The collar

The collar of this jacket is really the winner, the pointed collar gives every outfit you pair it with an ultimate point look. 

The Double Rider SUMMER JACKET - New in

The zipper

The zipper detailing is unlike any other in the store, it's equipped with asymmetric zip fastening. The front and the sleeves of the jacket are crafted with zipper closures to make it a comfortable wear in the summers.

The Double Rider SUMMER JACKET - New in


  • 100% Real Cowhide leather
  • Fully Perforated Cowhide Leather
  • Mesh lining 
  • Pointed Collar
  • Asymmetric zip fastening
  • Zipper closure on sleeves
  • Front YKK Zip closure
  • Two side zipper pockets
  • Fashionable Flap pocket on the bottom
  • Two inside pockets; one with zip

We weren't kidding when we said this was the ultimate biker fantasy leather jacket. All you need to do now is to grab your rider jacket and hit the road! 

The Double Rider SUMMER JACKET - New in