New Women’s Leather Jacket Collection

Leather Jacket Shop has released a NEW leather jacket collection for women. Take a look and drool over the MUST-HAVE leather jacket collection! You’ll find trendy, chic, modern and extremely classy leather jackets to wear on any occasion!

Demi Lovato Black Biker Jacket

Demi Lovato wearing a black biker jacket

Demi Lovato Black Biker Jacket is inspired by a leather jacket worn by Demi Lovato. It is based on the traditional biker jacket. It is made from sheep leather to make you feel light and easy.

Leather Jacket shop was inspired by the traditional biker jacket. This leather beauty has a pointed collar, quilted padding on the shoulders and upper sleeves. Leather jacket shop created this jacket with a front YKK Zipper closure, 3 front zipper pockets and a zipper closure on the sleeves.

This leather jacket is not only stylish but also comfortable. If you’re a Demi Lovato fan, you MUST get this leather jacket!

Kendall Jenner Olivia Wilde Biker Jacket

Kendall Jenner Olivia Wilde Biker Jacket

Kendall Jenner is the ultimate fashionista. No matter what she wears, becomes a fashion statement. With that in mind, leather jacket shop decided to create a leather jacket that was worn by Kendall Jenner.

This jacket is extra special. It is not only worn by Kendall Jenner but also Olivia Wilde. We made this leather jacket from real sheep leather with a pointed collar and adjustable studs on the collar. What this means is that the leather jacket is extra trendy keeping a very contemporary style in mind. It can be worn on any special occasion. The studs on the collar elevate the entire design of the jacket, making it a must buy in order to look cool yet classy!

Kim Kardashian Double Breasted Coat

Kim Kardashian wearing a double breasted coat

The Kim Kardashian Double Breasted Coat is not ordinary. Well, of course it isn’t. It has been worn by Kim Kardashian, the fashion diva! This leather coat is extremely fashionable because it is double breasted with golden button accessories. You can find these accessories on the front and sleeves. This makes the entire coat extremely iconic, adding more flair to the entire design.

If you’re interested in something that can be worn on a semi-formal night out, this Kim Kardashian coat should be your choice of clothing. You will look irresistible in a coat that’s not only a celebrity coat but also something stands out because of its exquisite design. Get your hands on this double breasted Kim Kardashian coat.

Padded Black Biker Jacket

Front image of padded black biker jacket

The padded black biker jacket for women is extra special. It has been made with padding on the sleeves as well as the lower back. This makes the leather jacket more comfortable than any other leather jacket. It is not only comfortable but also extra trendy. It will be an extra stylish addition to your wardrobe. We designed this leather jacket with adjustable studs on the collar in order to give you something that fits perfectly. It has shoulder epaulettes, 2 side zipper pockets and the adjustable belt on the waist. The fact that it is made from sheep leather makes it an extremely lightweight and easy to wear.  It is one of our finest jackets to date in the women’s collection. You need to upgrade your wardrobe with the extra special padded black biker jacket.

Short Length Brown Leather Jacket 

Front image of short length brown leather jacket

This Brown Leather Jacket is a short length jacket; one of our finest women jackets to date. It is a classic. It is a brown leather jacket made from sheep leather making it an extremely lightweight leather jacket for women.

This leather jacket is designed with the classic YKK Zipper closure and 2 front zipper pockets and 2 inside pockets. All of these zippers are designed to give you an adjustable leather jacket with hassle free zips and a perfect fit. It also means that you no longer need to worry about carrying your vanity products. It is a must-have leather jacket to make you look extraordinary for a casual or formal evening out with your girl gang!

Black Collarless Leather Shirt Jacket

Front image of black collarless leather shirt jacket

The Collarless Leather Shirt Jacket in Black is an extremely modern leather jacket. It is designed keeping a trendy audience in mind. This leather jacket for women is made from both sheep leather and cloth. This mixture gives it an extravagant look; making it stand out from a normal leather jacket. The back of this jacket is made from leather.

It is a leather jacket with a trendy twist. It is designed to give you the perfect fashionista look.

Lightweight Black Biker Jacket

Front image of lightweight black biker jacket from leather jacket shop

The black lightweight biker jacket is made from real sheep leather. It is a lightweight jacket that is extra soft and easy to wear. It is designed with a snap tab collar and buckle adjustments on the waist.

This means, you can adjust this leather jacket according to your size and make it fit perfectly. Overall, this black lightweight leather jacket is a jacket designed for women who love to create a daring yet contemporary fashion statement. Extra soft and light to wear, this jacket is a sure purchase for women who like to look hip and fearless!

Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Front image of black leather motorcycle jacket from leather jacket shop

The Black leather motorcycle jacket for women is based on the classic. It has a snap tab collar to make it a comfortable wear. It is a more traditional leather jacket that falls under a very classic design. It has 2 side zipper pockets and 2 inside pockets. All of these features make it a leather jacket that is not only comfortable to wear but also has ample space to carry everything you need.

It also has a leather zipper puller for a hassle-free zip. Overall, this leather motorcycle jacket in black is designed for the ladies who love the original motorcycle jacket from the 1920’s. The classic design of this black leather motorcycle jacket will make it a fashion statement at every party.

Cafe Racer Black Ladies Leather Jacket

Front image of Cafe racer black ladies leather  jacket from leather jacket shop

The cafe racer leather jacket for ladies is a jacket for anyone who loves to explore. It is made from real sheep leather with zipper closures on its sleeves. The zipper closures on the sleeves are made in order to help you adjust your jacket to your size.

How is this leather jacket special? It has extra special quilted padding on the shoulders and upper sleeves. This design makes the leather jacket stand out. It has a snap tab collar and a front YKK zipper with a leather puller. The perfect jacket to let you enjoy a fashionable yet adventurous evening.

Life is Strange Brown Leather Shirt

Front image of Brown leather shirt from Life is strange

The Life is strange brown leather shirt is inspired by the adventure videogame, “Life is Strange.” You can see Chloe, the main character, wearing the brown leather shirt. It stands out because the character goes on adventures wearing this brown leather shirt. It is basically a leather jacket with a shirt style collar. It also has open cuff on sleeves and shoulder epaulettes. We designed this leather shirt with 2 chest flap pockets and 2 side pockets on the front in order to give you ample space to carry anything you need on your adventure.

If you’re into leather, videogames and love Chloe, you NEED to buy this leather shirt for sure. The brown color will make you look really classy. It looks good with a pair of black or blue jeans. Don’t wait around and grab yourself a brown leather shirt right away!

This leather jacket collection is designed specially for women. It is made keeping in mind every lady’s taste. You will find formal, semi-formal and casual leather jackets in this collection. If you’re into celebrity fashion or video games, this new collection is made for your taste. Go on and take a look at our irresistible collection!

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