Most of us believe that winter fashion is all about bulky coats, extra-length cardigans and thicker clothes but then this perception of ours turns out to be entirely off center when we see sleek & trendy winter clothing on the streets and ramps. Let’s make a pact to ourselves that this time around we won’t fall victim to our perception, which probably is the result of us being lazy. So what’s it going to be this year that will make our winters more glamorous and fashion forward? Leather Jackets? Hoodies? Well, how about a bit of both? Awesome, right?

Leather Jacket Shop has come up with a trendy collection of Rain Jackets that are bespoke, made-to-measure, handcrafted and downright trendy.

Rain Jackets are simply leather jackets with a hood attached to them but not as simple as that, as they’re youthful and quite fashion forward. Let’s take a look at some of the pieces that we’ve come up with so far.


This here is a modern take on the classic bomber rain leather jacket. It’s an absolute depiction of true workmanship and is as functional as it looks to be trendy and stylish. Satin liner on the inside will keep you warm and cozy while the sleek look of this jacket will definitely max up your appearance.

Inspired by Arrow season 03, this hooded leather jacket is a style statement. If you’re up for some serious style that depicts somber attitude, this one’s definitely for you.

Here’s a recollection from Assassin’s Creed. It’s a replica, which is made while paying scrupulous attention to details. Moreover, it’s handcrafted with the finest quality calfskin and like rest of the jackets it’s a bespoke one and will be stitched afresh per your body measurements.


Biker style hooded leather rain jacket, which is no less than a treat for those who want to keep pace with fashion trends as well as will not compromise on the value and usability of a leather jacket. This one here is the kind that will not cease to exist on the fashion scene rather it’s an immortal piece of craftsmanship.


Here’s a classy and elegant rain leather jacket for the ladies. Made with the real top grain calfskin with nappa finish, it has a lot of style, durability and class to offer.

Last but not the least, a sleeveless “Cody Rhodes” hooded leather vest.


No wardrobe, i repeat no wardrobe is deemed as complete without a leather jacket in it. No matter what you do, your age, gender or size, everything seems irrelevant. There’s a leather jacket for everyone, have you found yours yet?