The Leather Jacket Shop brings a way too cool leather collection for all the ladies out there. Leather Jackets are mostly attributed to men and are renowned for enhancing their masculine looks, but the winds have changed the corridors of the passage long ago and now leather has become a wardrobe essential for women as well.

A wardrobe without leather in it, is obviously an incomplete one. Leather Apparel has a unique charm of its own, which never fades away and blesses the wearer with equally unique looks that are bold, exceptional and super hot.

Just as leather jackets tend to make men look more masculine, they make women look more elegant and trendy. Our fashion forward womens leather jackets collection has a wide range of unique designs and color variants. The never ending flow of our uniquely designed leather jackets offer a lot of versatility.

Let that Goth in you break the shackles of fear and rise from the dark, with this gothic full length Leather Coat. Or you can take a swing and land right on this astoundingly elegant Leather Coat. These ravishing coats are made with the finest quality top-grain leather. And they are as durable and trendy as they look to be intense and sheer. Every color is awesome, as long as it is black. But You can also have these gloomy coats made in a much lighter and a brighter color.

If you’re not much of a “black” person, then you can choose between a variety of colors. For instance, this green Leather Jacket would definitely let you acquire the looks that are extraordinary, attractive and umm well fresh as green.

With our customization options, we let you hold the brush and paint the canvas just as you wish. Simply put, you can have any of the jackets made your own way. Isn’t it amazing to design your jacket by yourself? Indeed it is, and on top of that have it made in your favorite color, so it’s more like a double treat. In the special instruction box you can let us know what you are thinking and what your imaginations are. And our team will promptly get to work, to make your dream come true.

The Leather Jacket Shop offers a detailed array of Women’s Leather Jackets. A complete range of Women’s leather jackets, including that of Motorcycle Jackets and Celebrity Replicas, is up on the shelves. And if you want to take a look at our quality products you can always visit our outlet at 18 Mareborne Street, Epping, Vic 3076.