At times, all of us feel like doing something different than routine or wear something different for that matter. Most of the times when we do want to wear something that we wouldn’t normally, we don’t have it handy. It’s highly recommended that you put a clothing item, which can be labelled as “different”, in your wardrobe. So that whenever you feel like breaking the norms, you actually have the tools to do it. Alright so how about a leather jacket? Yes you do already have them but how about a sleeveless leather jacket this time? Considering the fact that we’re now moving towards warmer months, a leather vest would definitely keep you notched up during the hot day and cozy while the cold starts to pick-up in the night. A sleeveless leather vest is the best ready-to-wear wardrobe item that’s always hanging in there for you to put it on and get those awesome looks in no time.

As spring is just around the corner it’s time to get rid of those damp, heavy winter clothes and make some room for the springy ones. Tees and jeans and well leather jackets. Yes leather jackets can be donned and layered with almost anything, especially in the spring season. A leather vest however, is the best option to rock your spring evenings.

Leather Jacket Shop has invested in timeless sleeveless leather jackets over the time.

Each piece is designed and crafted while paying attention to the details. These handcrafted leather vests are bespoke and will be stitched afresh for each individual. Moreover, they’re durable because LJM uses top/full grain leather and comfy because we take pride in creating leather jackets that are downright awesome and well affordable.