The festive christmas season is here and on full swing, as we step into the last month of the year, December. That implies we’re only couple of weeks away from Christmas. It’s time to start pondering over the big question, which is: What are we going to be wearing on the big day! Whether if you’re thinking to wear something chic and sassy or something that has a relaxing vibe to it, we’d suggest you add up a leather jacket to it. Well why not? It’s Christmas, It’s December. The days are getting colder and shorter, and a leather jacket won’t only make you look extremely hot but will also keep you dry and away from the cold.

The songs will be played for weeks and when the day finally rolls around, all the fun and festivities would finally come to an end. It’s the time to finally open the presents, take down the lights and decorations off the christmas tree. The celebratory mood however remains and so does the mood for shopping on discounted prices.

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