Bomber jackets were designed for the Pilots, fighter pilots who partook in the first world war to be more specific, as they flew high altitudes and cockpits back then were not enclosed. To fight the cold weather at soaring heights while doing a nerve wrecking job which is to fly a fighter jet, is not at all an easy job.


Bomber jackets, over the course of time, have evolved into a fashion staple than that of fighter pilots in World War 1. Simply put, bomber jackets have had their makeover and are still pretty much going through the process. Surprisingly, they have been much acclaimed by the female leather enthusiasts as well. For that very reason the leather jacket shop has come up with an exclusive womens bomber Leather jackets collection, which consists top of the line designs made with the finest quality leather and they’re handmade and awesome.


A bomber leather jacket is more likely to wrap onto you and it will take a little getting used to but the suede panels and snug feeling of this jacket is what sets it apart from other jackets. Distinctive collars, pockets and suede panels remain the distinguishing features of these jackets, a winning combination, i’d rather say. You can actually carry your stuff around with much ease while keeping your style intact.


Usually Bombers are coats with soft liners that are waist-length. Moreover, materials like Fleece, Flannel and Corduroy are mostly used as liners. The waist and sleeves are traditionally suede panels that are tight and ought to wrap around giving a perfect fit. Here is a perfect example of bomber Leather jacket this jacket is handmade with 100% original cowhide, stitched together while using durable nylon threads.


The purpose may be to keep yourself warm or it may be to illustrate your fashion taste, a bomber leather jacket will certainly serve the purpose well. Usually Women’s Bomber Leather Jackets are hard to find but Leather Jacket Shop has the solution to this problem and with our customization tools you can have a bomber leather jacket made exactly as per your imagination.