Leather Jackets can be designed for a number of purposes, uses and functions. Some of the most common styles are leather jackets that were designed for Motorcyclists, Biker Gangs, Fighter Pilots and Police. The interesting fact about these leather jackets is that they were not designed to simply look stylish and smooth. Rather, they were designed to protect the user and at times Leather Jackets were designed to instill fear. For instance, leather jackets that were designed and crafted for the police weren’t plain leather jackets. They were functional, built with a purpose, to keep the user protected from extreme conditions and to establish an image that’s perceived as authoritative by the audience. Point here is to draw a line between jackets that are made for functionality and jackets that are made for fashion purposes.

Guess that’s enough for the styles, let’s talk a little bit about the colors. Leather jackets come in every color you can think of but the most widely used and most commonly accepted colors are black and brown. Here we’re going to talk about brown leather jackets for men and women.

Okay so basically there are two main categories for brown color. Light Brown and Dark Brown, rest of the shades of brown fall into either one of these categories. Light brown and tan brown leather jackets are most commonly thought of as simple and classy. The most classic and simple you keep your selection, the longer you’re going to be able to wear them, making it more timeless.

However, dark brown color enjoys an edge over the lighter one; it gets along pretty fine with many colors. If you’re naturally a bit intense looking with dark hair and deep eyes than dark brown is the color for you. Whether if you’re wearing jeans and a T-shirt or some flowery feminine dress, putting on a leather jacket on top of it simply makes everything a bit more classy and chic. Keeping in consideration the transition of seasons; black may feel a bit too harsh for the early days of fall. However, brown leather jackets for men and women goes all the way with this joyous transition.

Leather Jacket Shop, as usual brings a wide range of brown leather jackets for women & men. These leather jackets are hand stitched and we initiate the production process after we get your exact size and however you want your jacket to be. In short we let YOU decide what WE produce. Go ahead select and choose from our brown leather jackets collection to welcome the new seasons.