Most of us are of the opinion that if we’re not in any kind of a romantic relationship, we can't celebrate Valentine's day. All we know is that it’s the day when people show their love and affection for another person by sending them cute cheesy messages, showering them with chocolates and flowers and what not. Wait a second ! Who put these depressing thoughts into our heads? Lets just go back and turn the pages of history in order to find out about the real meaning and background of this event. 

In the third century AD, Emperor Claudius II had this crazy belief that married men could not be good soldiers. And just like every other story, this one also had a rebellion named Saint valentine. While poor guy was suffering the consequences in jail, the jailer's daughter stole his heart which resulted in his execution on 14th February. Since that day, people have been honoring him by celebrating the day with their loved ones.

Over the years, traditions regarding this day have evolved and today, different countries have different ways to spend this day and celebrate. People actually suggested to make this day a public holiday which was of course not taken seriously so people came up with their own versions of honoring this day. Let's talk about the costumes you can support this Valentine's day and leave an impression on your loved ones, even on not-so-loved ones. 

Since the color is a symbol of love, we decided to keep the tradition going and suggest you some outfits in that color. Bring a short plain black dress out of your closet, pair it with the red leather jacket that we are offering at amazing price this season.  

Or you can just reverse the combination. Since we all know that Red is the color that is associated with love, and on the special occasion of Valentine’s day, all shades of red are perfect without any doubt. Going on a romantic evening and sharing a glass of wine with your special someone or getting drunk in a club with your friends, you can totally enjoy the day even more while looking stylish with your short red dress and the black leather jacket. 

To sum up, Valentine’s Day is technically just another day that you can spend with your loved ones while honoring the memory of Saint Valentine. Over the years it has become an important tradition in order to appreciate our special ones and show them some extra affection. And honestly, we just need a reason to offer you crazy discounts and provide you with some stylish leather jacket outfit ideas. Just make sure to always choose comfort along with style because LJS makes it possible to have both.

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Have a Warm and lovely Day y'all !