What Is Nappa Leather

A leather product consisting of a higher grade of full grain leather are usually characterized as nappa leather. It is known to have a softer feel which is one of the reasons for its wide use in clothing as well as furniture, bags and shoes. Like every other leather type, this one also contains some unique qualities. People who are a leather enthusiast and are crazy about leather jackets and bags can easily tell the difference between nappa and other leather types. At LJS, there are a  number of nappa leather products that are as good in quality as any other product in the collection.

How Napa Leather Is Made

How Nappa Leather Is Made
Nappa leather comes from smaller animals i.e. calves, lamb, sheep or baby goats that is why it is softer and smoother in texture. The tanning process of this type of leather differs slightly from the traditional methods as it is made using full-grain leather which makes it more water and heat resistance. The unaltered surface of Nappa leather contains a number of natural characteristics that makes it durable and suitable leather type for clothing, as well as household items.

What's The Difference Between Leather And Napa Leather?

What's The Difference Between Leather And Nappa Leather?
Leather jackets, shoes, bags or even furniture are a big investment that needs proper attention and time to compare. Before you go out in the market to look for the things you’re planning to buy, do your research. Know more about the types of leather available out there and which one aligns perfectly with your needs. Each leather type contains specific qualities that you may wanna know about. The basic difference between nappa and other types of leather is that the former has a much softer feel to it. Nappa usually contains an extra coating of tanning which makes it more resistant to water and heat. The biggest benefit of this factor is that the car seat covers made from Nappa leather maintain their colour and texture even in extreme sun heat and light.

Is Napa Leather Good Quality?

Is Nappa Leather Good Quality?
Depending on the product that you’re looking for or your requirements regarding the quality and durability, nappa could be the best leather that you can get your hands on. For instance, leather bags made from nappa might not last as long as cowhide, however, furniture and car seat covers made from this are extremely durable. Wallets, briefcases, shoes, jackets and belts are made using nappa leather as well.

Does Napa Leather Scratch Easily?

Does Nappa Leather Scratch Easily?
Nappa leather might be soft and smooth but there is no question about its durability. It goes through a delicate yet detailed tanning process that makes it water & heat resistant to some extent and it does not scratch easily. Hence, if used with proper care, nappa leather jacket or bag will last a long time. All you need to do is to clean your jacket, bag or anything that’s made from nappa leather every once in a while using products that are specifically made for leather. Regular use may cause the leather to lose its moisture, so use a leather conditioner followed by a moisturizer to keep your nappa leather jacket as good as new.

Napa Leather Jacket For Men

Nappa Leather Jacket For Men

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Nappa Leather Jacket from Men category has been painstakingly designed and created with high attention to details. Perfect for all occasions; this jacket can be worn at a party, a dinner date or a casual night out with friends. Shoulder epaulettes and copper studs give this jacket a very sturdy look. That’s not all, the jacket also contains an adjustable belt at the waist. So dont waste any more time and grab this stunning piece of apparel.

Napa Leather Jacket For Women

Nappa Leather Jacket For Women

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Women category in LJS collection offers this stunning piece of garment that has been designed with premium quality nappa leather. Your wardrobe needs an update and for that, we suggest this multiple zipper leather apparel. Shoulders and sleeves come with the most exquisite yet comfortable quilted design are one of the biggest selling points of this jacket. Buckles with tiny yet stylish belts on both waist sides take the beauty of this jacket to a whole new level.