What Linings Are Used For Leather Jackets

Most leather jackets are designed with lining. Why is that? Lining is used to protect the leather jacket. It gives your leather jacket the advantage of absorbing sweat which means you’ll dry your leather jacket fewer times. It is also used to give the leather jacket more shape, comfort and weight in order to fit you perfectly.

Alright, so we’ve come to the conclusion that leather jackets need lining. But, what linings are used for leather jackets?

Satin Lining

Brown satin lining from leather jacket shop

Satin lining is the lining that is shiny on the front and dull on the back. It is mostly used for jackets, athletic shorts, nightwear, blouses, shirts and ballet shoes. The reason why satin works in a leather jacket is because it is a fashion fabric that is more flexible. It is designed to keep you warm, no matter where it is used; a leather jacket or nightwear. It give the entire leather jacket a warm and cozy feeling. You may well consider satin a protective layer between you and your leather jacket.

Cherry Satin Lining 

Cherry satin lining from leather jacket shop

Cherry Satin lining could well be a subcategory of satin lining BUT, it is more fashionable. Why? The reason why we say this is because it has a really fashionable pattern on the lining, unlike a plain satin lining. Cherry lining comes in extravagant colors as well. A leather jacket lined with a cherry satin lining is sure to make a fashion statement while keeping you comfortable.

Quilted Polyester lining 

Quilted Polyester lining from leather jacket shop

Quilted lining is pretty easy to identify. It is made from quilt patterns; diamond shapes and an underneath layer of polyester. It looks very distinct when you put it next to any other kind of lining. Quilt lined clothing with a polyester base are considered one the warmest lining materials. It is extremely popular in leather jackets. This type of lining is excellent for a wide range of temperatures. A leather jacket with a quilted polyester lining will guarantee to keep you warm.

Mesh Lining 

Mesh lining from leather jacket shop

Mesh lining is an airy form of lining. You can consider it a climate control mechanism for your body. Mesh lining has the quality to reduce moisture and increase circulation. It plays a key role in increasing the airflow, pulling moisture from your skin and maintaining separation between your skin, shirt and jacket. Mesh lining is a preferred form of lining for summer leather jackets. It is designed to keep you cool during a hot summer’s day. The increased airflow maintains a consistent comfort level and you can wear your leather jacket with ease.

The types of linings in a leather jacket are essential for the overall feel of what you’re wearing. It is as important to check the lining of a leather jacket as it is to check if you like the jacket or not. It is always best to have comfort with style.

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