Vintage image of a girl holding the leather tote bag from leather jacket shop

The leather jacket shop has always been the best at leather craftsmanship. That’s a fact. So, we decided why should we keep the ladies waiting? The latest trends always had beautiful ladies wanting the perfect bag to carry. After listening to the subliminal messages from the ladies, the limited edition leather tote bag from the leather jacket shop is out and it’s a killer!

Let’s list down reasons why the new leather tote bag is a MUST have!

Limited edition leather tote bag’s front image from leather jacket shop

1. A tote bag made from top leather quality is hard to resist

The leather tote bag is made from full-grain leather, the highest quality of leather. The smell of leather will be so fresh, it will be extremely hard to resist. Image rubbing your hand over the smoothest piece of leather that smells incredible? Yeah. We know you’re getting sensual images in your mind. That’s how sublime this piece of beauty is. Stop imagining things, just get your hands on one already!

Limited edition leather tote bag

2. You don’t have to leave anything behind anymore

Relax ladies! You can take everything you need in one beautiful bag. Yup. You heard that right, you no longer need to worry about which lipstick needs to stay and what foundation to leave behind. Just gather up your stuff, put it in this sublime bag and look as chic as ever. You can even keep a 17 inch MacBook, an iphone 6, books, charger, a wallet and whatever vanity products you want in a mini-makeup bag.

You worry about what you need to wear and we’ll worry about where to keep everything!

Close up to show the minimalistic design of the leather tote bag from leather jacket shop

3. The minimalistic design makes you look classier than ever

You’re already a pretty classy lady, we know that. But a bag that matches your level of class is finally available. The minimalistic design is such a beauty to own. It lets you flaunt your bag around without it looking too out there. It has invisible magnetic button closures making it look simple yet chic. This limited edition leather tote bag has no inner lining to give you the real feel of the leather. It is the perfect match for someone who loves originality paired with rawness.

Limited edition leather tote bag from leather jacket shop in a vintage setting

4. Vintage is SO darn trendy

If you really want to own something vintage, this bag will be your perfect go-to option. A sleek, minimalistic design, vintage fashion taste, spacious and absolutely gorgeous - that’s the MUST have limited edition leather tote bag for you!

Extravagant Leather Tote Bag