5 Things To Consider Before Buying Leather Jacket

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Leather Jacket
No matter how many leather jackets you own, there can never be enough. And there’s no harm in revisiting all the basic steps before making an informed decision about your next purchase.
It is the kind of garment that never goes out of fashion, sure there are new trends every now and then but the old ones keep on winning hearts.
Unlike most people, to an experts’ eye, Leather jackets differ from each other on the basis of a number of factors; the animal they are extracted from to the kind of finishing they have, Inner Lining, Stitching & Craftsmanship to the selection they’re based on. There are a plethora of options out there which could be overwhelming so to avoid shopping anxiety, we have come up with a guide that not only tells you about the types of leather jackets you can pick from but also helps you understand your body type and which style goes well with it.
Genuine vs Real

1- Genuine vs Real

Most of us believe that Genuine is just another word for real when it comes to leather. But here’s a twist. Genuine means the leather in its original form, no oiling or waxing done in order to prevent the leather from water and dust. Practically speaking, that’s not a very functional approach. For instance, it would be okay to have a wallet made of genuine leather because you wouldn’t mind replacing it after some time as it is inexpensive and not something you’d expect to have long-term. A bag or jacket, on the other hand, would be considered an investment.

However, real leather is always pricier that’s only because it’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Leather Jacket Style

2- Leather Jacket Style

After making a decision to buy a leather jacket the most crucial step is to pick the right jacket that goes well with your body type and style statement . Picking The Right Color is most important and knowing how to choose the right size will make your purchase so much more exciting. As far as the appearance is concerned, from the battlefield to the broadway fashion, the leather jackets have evolved over the period of time but the styles have been the same.


Back in times, bomber jackets were only reserved for men. However, we get to witness women’s designs in these types of jackets that are all set to give the boyish wardrobe touch to their outfits. This 90s style jacket comes in different variations; metallics, futuristic florals or even monochrome classics but the all-time favorite is plain black or brown bomber jacket. Sweet and simple!


Designed for military pilots to protect them against all odds up in the air, who would have thought will become a fashion symbol. The basic difference between bomber and flight jackets is the material they’re made up of. It’s not just the costume of the military men anymore, it has become the armor for basketball players, corporate elites and the high schoolers.

Moto Racer

The thing about these types of jackets is that although they’re specially made for bikers, the hip and happening yet subtle outlook make them equally popular amongst anyone and everyone. What makes moto racer different from other types of leather apparel is that their durable exterior protects the wearer from bruises or rashes in case of any misadventure while racing.


One of the most historical things that we brought with us into the 21st century is western clothing and biker leather jackets are one of them. Harley Davidson was the first high profile brand to collaborate with the makers of biker jackets to boost motorcycles sales. Since then, the sales of Harley and biker leather jackets have only gone up.

Leather Finishes

3- Leather Finishes

Wax finish Leather

A pick type of leather that is dyed using natural oils and waxes instead of paint or pigments. This leather type is soft and feels natural, and is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Antique Grain Leather

Have you ever seen someone wear a brand new leather jacket that gives a very antique look? Well, it’s only because the jacket has an Antique Grain finish. This look is achieved by applying two contrasting finishing materials.

Nubuck Leather

The jacket with a velvety surface is the one with a Nubuck finish. This is one of the most expensive types of leather due to the heavy dyeing process. Turning a delicate animal skin into strong and durable material takes a lot of effort and time but in the end, it maintains strength and thickness.

Suede Leather

Suede is made from the underside of the animal skin that is softer and more delicate. The difference between Nubuck and suede is that the latter has less durability and is not very reliable. Open pores make it more vulnerable to absorbing liquids, therefore, making it the least favorite in the list.

How Much Should You Spend On A Leather Jacket

4- How Much Should You Spend On A Leather Jacket

Buying a leather jacket is just like getting a tattoo, there’s only one option and that is “to get it right the first time”. And as far as fashion is concerned, there is no wrong choice, it’s always about how you carry it. Other things that people don’t pay much attention to i.e. the Jackets Accessories; zip, pockets, etc are also of great importance. Make sure that they are A-grade and realistically speaking, they can make or break the look you’re aiming for. A premium quality genuine leather jacket might cost a lot but its a great deal if you get a jacket that lasts a lifetime.

Right Fit For You

5- Right Fit For You

Pay attention to the length of its sleeves and always remember that the shoulder fit matters a lot. For that, you must always go for the custom made leather jackets and what better place to have them specially made for you than Leather Jacket Shop?

Last but not the least, check out their online reviews and return or exchange policy

Seems like you’re all set to buy your leather jacket that’ll enhance your overall look and give your wardrobe an exciting twist!