Leather Jacket Style Guide

Leather Jacket Style Guide
Your costume speaks for you and a leather jacket usually says ‘strong, powerful and unfiltered’. Leather jackets have been around since the beginning of the time and we hope they stay around till the end. Each and every wardrobe at least has one leather jacket in it, it’s as crucial as a pair of jeans. It’s guaranteed to take your style up a notch however, no jacket can save your style unless carried with the right pair of clothes. Here’s a great style guide that can bring a nice twist to your overall look.

What To Wear With A Leather Jacket

The rule is simple; always go for the bright and dull combination. We all have a black and a brown jacket in our closets so it’s time to put them to use. With the right color combinations, you can rise above your colleagues and friends when it comes to fashion. Guys and girls; when aiming for a casual and cool look, opt for a pair of denim, plain t-shirt accompanied by a black leather jacket and black boots. However, for a corporate look, go for an oxford shirt with a tie, straight pants and a leather jacket.

Working women look super classy in a skirt, dress shirt and a leather jacket with high ankle boots.

Matching Shoes With A Leather Jacket

No matter what, there should at least be two and maximum be three colors in your outfit. Your jacket should match the color of your shoes to keep the symmetry alive otherwise there will just be too much distraction. Men and women usually opt for casual sneakers or loafers when going for a hangout or a shopping spree. For a more formal look or a biking adventure, men go for Chelsea or military boots. When it comes to women, high ankle boots with platform heels are our most favorite.

How Should A Leather Jacket Fit

It’s always a better option to get a leather jacket specifically made as per your body measurements because a badly fitted jacket can make you look the exact opposite of gorgeous. Although a leather jacket is supposed to stretch a bit after some time, it’s important to have a jacket that fits you perfectly from day one. Shoulders should fall on the starting point of the upper arm and the sleeves should end at the top of your wrist. On closing the front zipper, you shouldn’t have to make an effort, however it shouldn’t be loose either. A well-fitted jacket that is specifically stitched for you should end at your belt, no lower, no higher.

How Much Should You Spend On A Leather Jacket

Well, we can talk about this for hours. Firstly. You must know what kind of leather you’re looking for, the heavier the animal from which leather is obtained, the more expensive it would be. Full-grain is the best quality and the most expensive as well. Depending or the purity of the leather, street brands sell them for $240-$450.  The thickness of these hides provide protection from extreme weather conditions and any kind of biking misadventure. However, if you’re just not that into heavy clothing, sheepskin leather would be perfect for you. Depending on the designs and inner lining, these are available in the market for as low as $240 and high as $420. Know your preferences and then make the right purchasing decision.

Do’s And Don’t Of A Leather Jacket

After spending so much money and effort in finding the perfect leather jacket, you’d definitely want to keep it as good as new for a long time. In order to have a nice jacket for a lifetime, you must clean it once every 2 months if you’re wearing it on a daily basis. Always use leather cleaners and conditioners available in the market. Leather can handle some water droplets but avoid wearing it in rainy weather. In summer, when you plan on storing your jacket, pack it in a plastic bag and hang it. Treat it like your most precious asset in life and it will accompany you for a long time as your best friend.