Best Leather Travel Bags

Best Leather Travel Bags

No matter what you travel for; business, leisure, or pleasure, a great-looking suitcase can make your journey much more comfortable. We all like to travel, there’s no denying that. Whether it’s taking a small trip once a month or packing up for the weekend, you can’t deny the need for a great bag to hold all of your stuff. During travel, a bag is exposed to many external elements i.e. dust, heat, or water. Hence a bag should be durable to be able to endure harsh weather conditions. Apart from all that, you must also look trendy and modern while carrying a travel bag at the airport. We have jotted down a list of amazing leather travel bags for you from the LJS special Mont5 collection. These bags are not only ready to stand the test of time but are so versatile that you’ll be able to carry them everywhere.

How about a vintage leather bag that reflects your inner charm and masculine magnetism? The MONT5 Hunza Tan Leather Duffel With Laptop Compartment from Leather Jacket Shop is the ultimate rebirth of antique-style leather bags. Made from real cowhide leather, the vintage leather duffle bag is designed to keep all your essentials centralized for a weekend. This bag lets you work on the go with its extra laptop pocket made from special cushion protection to keep your MacBook safe. Designed with a crazy horse finish and ever-lasting Brass Hardware, this Vintage Leather Duffle Bag will last longer than your oldest, most precious bag! The Vintage leather duffle bag is an absolute necessity for all your travel plans!

This stunning leather travel bag is a luxury that you can easily afford. Mont5 Shangrila Dark Brown Leather Duffle Bag is made from Top Grain Cowhide leather. It has been kept minimalist for maximum elegance, sophistication, and class. A-grade leather and hardware guarantee years of service so you don't have to worry about replacing this brown beauty. Don’t worry about arranging your essentials for your weekend getaway anymore. This handcrafted vintage leather travel bag has a front pocket, a single inside pocket, and two D-shaped pockets on both ends; meaning nothing you want to take along gets left behind. Light enough to be used as a gym bag. The crazy horse finish gives this large brown leather duffel an antique finish with a raw look for a contemporary man like you.

LJS proudly presents this perfect leather accessory to amp up your travel fashion. You can easily fit your luggage in this for a short trip or a long vacation. This Maroon Weekend Luggage Cabin Mont5 Shigar Leather Travel Bag has a separate pocket to keep the shoes in. Make your next journey a little more exciting and a little less exhausting with this hassle-free shoe compartment leather travel bag. Skilled craftsmen have crafted this travel duffel with the intention to provide you with the perfect leather bag so you don't regret spending your money. Not just that, it lets you keep things light and easy with the truly soft shoulder straps. You can now carry this luggage bag with ease.

Tan Leather Carry On Luggage Mont5 Chitral Vintage Duffle is an ideal weekend that lets you pack your bags and leave without a care in the world. Made from real cowhide leather, the Bon Voyage Leather Duffel Bag has a YKK zipper that opens end to end for the ultimate convenience. The inner cotton lining and a crazy horse finish set it apart from any other bag you find online. Brass Hardware allows this Bon Voyage Leather Duffel Bag to stay firm and hold on tight for a sweet weekend ride. So go ahead and dump everything you can imagine in this bag before you hit the road without a second thought. Don’t forget your travel documents - keep those and other essentials in a single safe pocket in the bag. It also contains two small pockets for your cards, a wallet or anything that is compact.

Looking for something unique and extraordinary? Look no further! This simple, eye-catching, and luxurious Latok Hipster Leather Duffel Carry-On Bag is an ideal weekend bag. Designed using full-grain vegetable-tanned cowhide leather with an antique finish. Not only will you be able to pack your bag with all the ease in the world using smooth zippers but will also get tons of compliments for your stunning sense of fashion. You will now have a gym bag that can transform into a travel handbag. This overnight bag will stay firm and hold on tight for a sweet weekend ride. This gorgeous bag ages like a fine wine and keeps getting better with time so get your hands on it while it’s still in stock.

A good leather travel bag is a valuable addition to your closet, allowing you to pack for a day trip and much more. However, pay close attention to the size, material, and stitching of the bag as it can make or break your trip. A durable and finely stitched bag is what you really need. Explore more options in LJS collection!