Buying A Leather Jacket for Men In The Right Color

Buying A Leather Jacket In The Right Color

When someone says leather jacket, the first thing that comes to mind is either a black or brown piece. This is because, for the past many decades, men's fashion has been focused on rugged masculinity which is usually reflected through dark colors. Traditionally, men have worn leather jackets as an essential part of their wardrobe. The usual market for leather jackets used to be dominated by black, brown, and tan, but today we see some positive additions of color.

Taking a step outside of your comfort zone gracefully by wearing a colored leather jacket is a sure-fire way to bring out your true personality. Before jumping to a conclusion and in the desire of standing out, we don't want you to make the wrong decision of buying a color that doesn't look good on you. We have multiple color options in our collection in different sizes but before you go check them out, we’d like to tell you a bit about each color and how they define your personality. We are here to help you if you are considering buying a colored leather jacket but are not sure which jacket is right for you based on your mood and personality. Let's get started!

Classic Black Leather Jacket

Classic Black

Everybody knows and it's a fact that black leather jackets are the most common clothing item in the world after jeans. The reason behind this popularity is that they symbolize power and authority. Your black leather jacket shows your imposing personality hence no matter what ensemble or event you are attending, it can be paired up with it without any issues. Moreover, we have seen celebrities wearing leather jackets on red carpets, at fashion shows, and at award functions. Several celebrities have been spotted wearing black leather jackets, specifically, Dwayne Johnson and Tom Cruise have pulled off the look.

Beautiful Brown Leather Jacket

Beautiful Brown

Take a break from your regular black leather jacket and opt for a brown one. If you want a change but still want to play safe, brown is the smart pick for you. This is the right color for you to break the monotony with style, you must pick a stunning brown leather jacket in a moto racer or biker design. Men everywhere love brown because it represents their sophisticated yet slightly adventurous side. Brown leather jackets are just as versatile as black leather jackets, making them a close competitor.

Wholesome White

Wholesome White

If you're looking to make everyone fall in love with your daring style statement, a white leather jacket is your right pick. Contrary to popular belief, you can easily pair it with most of your outfits. Nothing says elegant and trendy like a finely stitched white leather jacket. If you are heading for a casual day out or heading on vacation, this is the look for you. You should pair your leather jacket with dark-colored clothes. You can always experiment with your outfits and do some mix and match according to the occasion and your mood. You should balance out the whiteness with shades of black, grey, or brown to give it a sense of balance. Adding a color break is super critical because too much white or light shades will ruin your look. Use the right pairing to stand out.

Bold and Bright Blue

Bold and Bright Blue

Time to be bold. Time to be daring.
Turn your wardrobe upside down with a 360-degree spin and opt for a blue leather jacket. You shouldn't limit yourself to a dress code when your heart wants to be creative. Men with a keen eye for fashion who are not afraid to make bold style moves should opt for a blue leather jacket. There have been multiple occasions where celebrities like Ryan Reynold and James Franco were spotted wearing a blue leather jacket in the most trendy way. If you're a fan and want to take fashion inspiration, we'll recommend going all out and getting yourself a bold blue jacket.

Leather jackets in blue are perfect for making a statement and showing off your unique personality. You emit happiness when you wear a blue leather jacket and radiate positive energy wherever you are.

Tempting Tan

Tempting Tan

Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the popularity of tan leather jackets. Not only have the roads been crowded with people wearing a tan outfit but the celebrities seem to have a huge liking for this color. Henry Cavill and a few other Hollywood stars rocked their stylish tan leather jackets in the past, and we loved each look. The reason could be the fact that a tan color in leather material establishes a rapport with the audience and makes them seem likable. As it can withstand sunlight and light exposure, it's appropriate even for a super sunny day.

Don't hesitate to buy this fantastic tan leather jacket to make a statement at a concert or a friend’s hang out. Pair it up with a white shirt and add a few accessories and leave a lasting impression anywhere you go.

Take a pick from our stunning collection of leather jackets in black, brown, white and many more colors to upgrade your fashion wardrobe.