Friends Characters in Leather Jackets

Friends Characters in Leather Jackets
At some point in our lives we have all been hooked up to this show called “Friends”. This show was not just a regular tv series that made us laugh and then disappeared, it was actually the way of life that taught us a great deal about fashion that is still relevant. Living in one of the most exciting, culturally diverse cities in the world was thrilling enough and above all, Rachel working in the Fashion industry was a cherry on the top.
They all came from different backgrounds and financial statuses; rich (Rachel, Ross and chandler), average (Monica), always broke (Joey), almost always broke (Phoebe) but their style was always on fleek. How did they even manage to afford all those fancy leather jackets? Oh wait, maybe they got them from the flea market just like that Apothecary table Rachel got for her apartment. Hah !
Though they were celebrities even before Friends was aired but this show is the one that turned them into stars and people started following their fashion statements religiously.
Costume designers that worked with the cast of the show mentioned about their obsession with leather jackets and skirts. And there was a visual proof of that in many episodes. But let's accept the fact that our favorite was the one where Ross tried his hands on leather pants. 
Talking about Ross, he not only supported the leather outfits on screen but also rocked the looks off screen. He seems to have a love for black leather jackets and we can't deny the fact that he totally does justice to them every single time. 
Moving on to Ross’s reel life love interest, actually the love interest of everyone on this planet in the 1990's; Rachel Green. Soon after the show started, she became America’s sweetheart. Pretty, rich and spoiled who had just started ‘be on her own’ lifestyle but never compromised on her fashion statement. In all ten seasons, she shared some real fashion wisdom in form of her outfits but that was not enough ….
Seems like black is her all time favorite color because she is often seen in black leather skirt or jackets on fancy media events and while running errands. What we appreciate the most about her fashion is that she always keeps it subtle. Well, who’s the one that never kept it subtle and we loved her for that ? Yes, none other than Phoebe Buffet.
Throughout the series, Phoebe was the one who kept her dressing sense wild just like her character. We have seen her in crazy hairdos, funky shoes that she made herself and wonderfully weird leather handbags but let's talk about that purple leather jacket that made her look like a total rockstar. Talking about crazy and rockstar, how can we forget about Joey Tribiani?
The moment Joey entered the building to become chandler’s roommate wearing a black leather jacket, we knew he was gonna be our favorite. One thing that Joey never compromised on apart from his food was his style. Being a struggling actor for more than half of the whole series was tough on the poor guy but he took care of his wardrobe pretty well. 
The guy carried his stunning style legacy even after the show ended. He’s the one who has been seen in leather jackets the most. Brown, black, maroon, blue; he has got a huge collection and we’re here for all of it.
Moving on. Where there’s Joey, there always a chandler. “Chick and Duck” if you must.
The sarcasm king of 90’s had the most casual and easygoing style despite being the one with the highest income. Remember how he left the job and his boss offered him a raise and an office with the view? But it seems like he saved all that money on the show and used it offscreen on his leather jackets because he’s got a huge collection. And we picked the best one for you that you can get from LJS
Lunch chef who was also the head of purchasing, got here own little desk and had a beeper too for only one day. Our pretty Monica was all dressed up in her black leather jacket outfit to go to Vermont but Emma’s birthday party ruined it all. Nevertheless, we got to see her beautiful leather jacket.
Hot and happening on screen and equally stunning offscreen, Courteny Cox has always kept her fashion game up with leather coats and jackets. Her style is as warm as her pumpkin pie she used to make on thanksgiving.
Oh wait, how can we forget the special appearances by “Will from high school, Rachel’s revenge date Russ and Joey’s dancer roommate Janine”. They all supported leather jackets in the show and made their presence so memorable that we still cherish them.