How is a Leather Jacket Made?

How is a Leather Jacket Made?

Turning a piece of leather into a fashion leather jacket takes time and goes through a rigorous process. A natural material turns into something wearable. A fashion leather jacket made at a large scale manufacturer is much different in its creation than one that isn’t made in bulk. Although creating a fashion leather jacket in bulk is much cheaper, it takes out the love and the detail that goes into creating a personalized product. The best kind of brands tend to create each product individually using traditional processes.

First, Leather Goes Through A Tanning Process

First, Leather Goes Through A Tanning Process

Raw hide is extracted from meat producing animals and sent to the tanner. The tanning process is designed to convert raw hide into stable material that won’t decay. There are various types of tanning methods including vegetable tanning, mineral, oil tanning and chromium tanning which is also known as the wet blue.

After the tanning process has taken place in tanneries, the skin is dried. Dried leather is then processed in order to create top grain leather. Later, the finishing determines what the leather would end up looking like. The most popular leather finishes are Aniline, Napa, Nubuck, Suede, Semi Aniline, waxed and oiled.

Second, The Jacket Is Designed

Second, The Jacket Is Designed

The jacket design is the next step in the process. The craftsmen and designers sit together to decide on designs that are classic and would look good on the modern man. In house designers sit with the craftsman and mutually decide on what jacket design would be appropriate, trendy yet extremely classic. Finally, a design which is a perfect-fit for urban or modern wear is finalized.

Next, The Pattern Design Is Created

Next, the pattern design is create

In off the shelf products, one pattern is created for each size. However, good brands tend to create a unique pattern for each individual customer. Skillful craftsmen are then given the responsibility of deciphering all the body measurements and transforming them into unique patterns

Then, The Leather Is Cut To The Desired Size

Then, the leather is cut to the desired size

The pattern master then hands over the designs to the cutting expert who carefully cuts the leather as per the desired size. The cutting process is extremely critical to design a leather jacket with a perfect-fit

After Cutting, All The Components Are Stitched Together

After cutting, all the components are stitched together

Once all the fabric is cut, it’s ready to meet the stitcher. The components of the jacket are stitched together in order to give it its physical shape. A perfect leather jacket needs to be stitched properly. Every step is as important as the next. Craftsmen of years of experience do the job well-done. It’s something extremely critical to make a leather jacket that’s designed perfect to fit. The skills of the stitcher play a key role in creating a leather jacket that not only lasts a lifetime but also looks distinct and has it’s own unique characteristics.

Once The Jacket Is Stitched, Pressing And Molding Takes Place

Once the jacket is stitched, pressing and molding takes place

The final step in making a fashion leather jacket is to give its collars and cuffs the right shape. In order to do that, a curved block is placed around the collars and cuffs and then heat is applied. This allows both the collars and cuffs to mold into a curve. Finally, the buttons and any final pieces are added. If the design requires studs or anything extra, those are added as well. This eventually gives the leather jacket the perfect look, feel and size

Lastly, The Jackets Are Checked For Quality Assurance

After the fashion leather jacket has been created and is ready to be shipped, the quality assurance department makes sure the leather jackets are perfect. They make sure the final product doesn’t compromise on the quality of the leather, design or size of the jacket. Someone meticulous and detail oriented is handed over the job before the jackets are finally shipped to you!

Hurray! Your Jackets Are Now Ready To Be Shipped!

HURRAY! Your jackets are now ready to be shipped!

After the rigorous process has been finished, and the perfect jacket has been created and checked for quality, the final product is shipped to you. The last step happens after a happy customer receives their leather jacket, designed for them with utmost love and care!