How To Break In A New Leather Motorcycle Jacket for Women?

How To Break In A New Leather Motorcycle Jacket for Women?

To break in a new leather motorcycle jacket you will need to let the material soften slowly over time. Leather jackets are not much different than shoes, boots, or anything that has leather; they all require softening. If you've ever purchased a leather motorcycle jacket, you know how it can be very rigid in the beginning. It can also be a bit uncomfortable, however, we are here to help you fix that issue with a few simple steps that can make your leather jacket as smooth and comfortable as ever.

A leather motorcycle jacket is best broken in by wearing it. Wear the jacket immediately after purchasing it. Real leather jackets can feel stiff and rough even if they are well fitted. However, after several uses, they will become more comfortable. You can wear a jacket while running errands, out for lunch, or even just relax at home. It ensures softening as well. A jacket will get better and better as you wear it more often.

Make sure you move around when you're wearing your new jacket. Lift your arms and move your shoulders in a circular motion. Make sure your elbows are stretched as well. Stretching your back and moving your body from side to side is also a great option if you want a quick and reliable outcome. Your leather jacket will stretch out perfectly as you do these exercises.

Another very effective way to do this is the rolling method. It has been done by many over the past decades and proven to be very useful. It is easy and straightforward to break into leather. You can also stretch leather motorcycle jackets by rolling them gently into a ball and spreading them out repeatedly. Continue to roll them for at least ten minutes.

Wearing the jacket becomes more comfortable when the leather materials are loosened using the rolling method. You may notice some creases forming during the process. It is nothing to worry about. These creases and cracks are safe, they are actually the sign of breaking in and an indication that your jacket’s effectively loosening up. If you have padded hangers, hang your jacket appropriately after doing this procedure.

To maintain and break in your leather, it is imperative that you condition it. An appropriately conditioned leather jacket feels supplier and smoother. Make sure you purchase a leather conditioner suitable for your jacket's leather material. Following the directions on the label is essential. It is best to do a spot test before applying the conditioner to avoid any permanent damage to your jacket.

Wearing your leather jacket will help break it in the fastest and easiest way possible. It doesn't matter if you like to stay indoors more often. Don't wait for a special occasion to wear that stylish jacket - wear it every day regardless of the occasion. Make sure you move around as well while wearing your leather jacket. The jacket will become softer as a result.

If you've ever owned a brand new motorcycle jacket, then you know how stiff the leather can feel when you first purchase the jacket. The good news is that breaking in a new leather jacket doesn't actually mean you have to go out on a bike or do anything extreme. You just need some time and patience.

Sometimes, home remedies may also help but it’s not recommended to use just about anything on your precious leather as it may damage it.

Other than moving around while wearing your jacket, you can do other things as well that have an immediate effect on its surface. It can be used as a pillow or as a blanket to keep warm. However, putting your jacket on with layers is still the best and most natural way of breaking it in.

Whether you own a cruiser or a sports bike, you'll want to make sure that the new motorcycle leather jacket is comfortable when you ride. Moisture is an excellent way of breaking in a leather jacket, but you must take care while using it. If you soak the leather too much, it can become damaged. A towel can be used to remove excess liquid from the jacket if you see drips on it.

The thing about breaking in your leather jacket using moisture is that if it's misting outside, you could consider wearing your jacket. For the sake of not damaging your jacket when it's pouring, don't go outside without your umbrella. You can control the humidity at home if you don't want to depend on the weather or are afraid of how it will change. Using the good old method of rubbing a damp washcloth on your jacket is a great way to expose it to some water.

Regardless of how you choose to break in your newly purchased leather jacket, there are two things you should keep in mind. Leather will be damaged by excessive force. In order to make the breaking in as natural as possible, excessive force is not advisable. It is imperative that your brand new jacket is free of rips and tears. Secondly, pay close attention to keeping your jacket clean and well maintained.

If you have a brand new leather jacket, it probably feels stiff and very uncomfortable. Some people may confuse it with bad quality leather or faux leather. That is not true. Real leather happens to be stiff as well. But with the right care, you can easily have the softest leather jackets around. It’s just a matter of time and a little patience.

We completely understand when you are super excited about your stylish jacket and its perfect fit. However, you feel that something is wrong. The jacket is stiff, crackly, and not in the least bit comfortable. Your first reaction might be to take the jacket back to the shop to exchange it for one that's more comfortable. Don’t do that. Use above mentioned methods to break it in for the best results.

Overall, people often get irritated when they have to break into their leather motorcycle jackets. Contrary to popular belief, this can actually be a fun activity for leather enthusiasts. You can either use the home remedies we just mentioned above or wear your jacket frequently on your bike rides. That will help your jacket soften a bit and you’ll feel much more comfortable wearing it.