How to Identify Types of Leather

How to Identify Types of Leather

Leather is very attractive. The smell is extremely addictive too. This simple guide will teach you the 5 types of leather and you will no longer need an expert.

Let’s get you started, future master of leather!

1. Full Grain Leather - The One That’s Rugged & Thick

Full Grain Leather

Full grain leather is the type that hasn’t be processed in order to remove imperfections. It hasn’t been sanded, buffed or snuffed. Full grain leather is the thicker, more rugged kind of leather. This is the real deal! You’ll probably find shoes or furniture made from Full grain leather.

2. Top Grain Leather - The One That’s Ideal For Jackets

Top Grain Leather

This is where Leather Jacket Shop comes in. Top grain leather - the best kind of leather for leather jackets. It is a more refined version of full grain leather; just not as raw. It has a more smooth look with less animal scars. It’s a lot sleeker, softer, stain resistant and lasts a lifetime.

3. Genuine Leather - The One That’s The Lowest Quality Leather

Genuine Leather

IT’S A HOAX! Genuine leather is one of the lowest qualities of leather. It’s actually created from the lower skin of the animal. It isn’t durable at all and it’s obviously low quality. Every time you’re on the lookout to buy yourself a brand new leather product, Don’t Buy Genuine Leather Products! Look For Real Leather. Not Genuine!

Take a look at the jackets from Leather Jacket Shop, those are all REAL and not “Genuine.” Those are two different things

Phew. It’s not the end of the world. Just take a look at the jackets from Leather Jacket Shop, those are all REAL and not “Genuine.”

4. Bonded Leather - The One That Tears Easily

Bonded Leather

This one’s fake too. That’s as simple as it gets. It is made from shredded leather with a plastic-like mixture which gives it a leather like texture. Stay away from this material too. Bonded leather is famous for tearing pretty easily and once it starts to break, the whole piece will shred. You can’t even have someone fix bonded leather for you.


5. Faux Leather - The One That’s Not Real Leather

Faux Leather

Don’t get fooled for the nth time. Faux leather isn’t real either. Yup. Too many scams all around. Just beware before you plan on investing in a leather jacket. It isn’t all that simple. Faux leather is made from synthetic leather, basically plastic. So it doesn’t even have leather shreds like bonded leather. It doesn’t even qualify for the L of leather. It breaks down very soon so don’t buy faux leather until it's your last option. Faux leather will feel like plastic, have pore that are in a consistent pattern and won’t have the addictive leather smell. It’s pretty easy to identify real leather from faux leather now, isn’t it?

Congratulations - You Are Now A Leather Expert!

Leather Expert

Keeping things short - buy full grain leather for shoes and furniture, top grain leather for jackets and try to stay away from the rest of them! Congratulations, you’re no longer a leather amateur! You can take a look at the real deal at Leather Jacket Shop and obsess over the beauty of leather. Don’t let anyone fool you, not even us!