How to Keep Your Leather Jacket Shiny?

How to Keep Your Leather Jacket Shiny

There’s hardly a person who buys a leather jacket and wears it only for a short period of time. Because it’s a long-term investment and a jacket made from real leather goes a long way. So in order to keep it as good as new, the natural shine must be protected at all costs. From a dinner date to a formal business meeting, a leather jacket makes the perfect wardrobe staple to make you stand out in the crowd and take your fashion statement up a notch. Since the beginning of the leather industry, there has never been a dull moment for leather jacket manufacturers and enthusiasts. So dont let your leather jacket get dull, here are a few things you must keep in mind for your jacket to maintain its natural shine.

Why Does Leather Shine

Why Does Leather Shine?

Leather jacket manufacturers use a coating of oils and waxes as finishing agents in order to protect the jacket from potential damage. These oils contain elements that lock in the moisture and in case of rainfall, keep the jacket from any water absorption. Because if the leather absorbs the water, it can lead to cracking and peeling. A leather jacket in its natural form is usually matte, it’s the polish and finish that makes it all shiny which most people prefer.

How To Keep The Leather Shiny?

No matter how much you spend on your luxury leather jacket or which brand does it come from, if you dont take proper care of it, it will eventually be damaged beyond repair. Therefore it is important to know about the do’s and dont’s for your leather jacket. First and foremost, make sure to maintain that natural shine because that’s what stands out between a real leather jacket and other pieces of clothing. Here is how you can follow some basics to preserve your precious leather jacket.

Get Real Leather Jacket

Get Real Leather Jacket

It is probably an over-shared piece of information but dont waste your money on a fake leather jacket. It might make your pocket happy but that happiness won’t last for a long time because soon, the leather will start to fade, peel and crack. Therefore, a long-term and sensible investment is always the real leather jacket. Apart from being extraordinarily smooth, soft, and luxurious, a leather jacket would last a lifetime and the natural shine on it will not fade away. The reason behind the real leather jacket being expensive is that the finishing touches on it are done with high-quality products that create a protective layer and makes the jacket shine.

Protect it from Sun

Protect it from Sun

Leather is basically animal skin and it could be damaged easily if not taken proper care of especially against the sun. Too much heat can cause the leather to lose its moisture and eventually dull its shine. By limiting the amount of time that your jacket is exposed to the UV rays, the damage can be delayed or even avoided. This does not mean that you have to totally avoid wearing your jacket on sunny days but always store it in a shaded spot. Sun damage doesn’t appear within days or even months, it takes years of sun exposure to ruin a leather jacket so stay consistent in protecting the leather.

Treat It Every Once A While

Treat It Every Once A While

Don't wait for your jacket to show any signs of damage or aging to start caring for it. The best approach is to clean your leather product instantly if you see any stain. Make sure to use the right products and procedures to clean it. Here’s what you should apply to your leather in order to keep the shiny texture intact.


You can easily find leather polish in the market for your leather jacket, shoes, or furniture. However, it is important to use the right amount and technique. Make sure that your leather is fully dry before applying the polish.


After cleaning the leather, it is likely that the leather might get a bit stiff but you can prevent it from happening by applying a leather conditioner. It will not only make your leather product smooth and soft but it will also help retain the moisture.


To keep your leather jacket as shiny as a new one for a long period of time, keep it moisturized. If your jacket is exposed to the sun during day time, it might lose its required moisture, for that, get your hands on a leather moisturizer and apply it to your jacket every once in a while.