How to Look Professional with Leather Jacket

How to Look Professional with Leather Jacket
Leather jackets are one of those things that have contributed to the fashion world like nothing else. They have literally been serving mankind since 1928 and we couldn’t be more grateful. Leather jackets have vowed to make you look good at every occasion no matter what. And if you’re spending a fortune on it, you’d obviously want to make the most out of it.
But if you’re worried that you won't be able to wear your leather jacket to work and the only time left for you to flaunt it is the weekend, well, that’s not true. Some offices may find it a bit too risqué or edgy but here’s the good news ! You can carry your leather jacket to work and look one hundred percent professional just by following a few fashion steps.

Ditch The Blazer

Ditch the Blazer

There is something about leather jackets that makes you feel extra fabulous and confident. All you need to do is to find the right outfit that works well with your office environment.

So if you’re heading to run some quick business meetings, make them exciting by just giving your typical suit a cool twist. Ditch your blazer and go for a brown trendy leather jacket to pair it with white dress shirt and a dark tie.

Nothing says ‘formal’ as much as the dress pants and Derby shoes.

Now you’re all set to rock those business meetings with style.

Not So Formal, Formal

Not so Formal, Formal

Are you one of those who like to keep ahead of everyone when it comes to fashion? If yes, then a black leather jacket along with plain white t shirt and faded black jeans would do the best for you. Because let’s face it, if you look good, you feel good which eventually improves your performance.

But remember, don't overdo it because no matter how cool your workplace is, it’s still a workplace.

Mix And Match

Mix and Match

Tired of the same old dressing style for office? Here’s an idea! Take your traditional buttoned vest out of the closet and pair it with the black leather jacket. This perfect combo and such a refreshing change from suit jackets would definitely amaze every gaze.

Don't forget to keep the swanky quotient alive and go for slim fitted high waisted pants along with a slim thin neck tie to complete your ‘I’ll get the job done’ look.

And hey, don't forget the belt.

Keep It Klassy

Keep It Klassy

Inject a bit of variety and fashionability into your corporate look. Stick to this Lightweight leather coat and pair it with a dress shirt. You’ll have your winter office look all figured out because this style replaces the blazers and cardigans in a classy way.

Leather jacket does give you an edgier look but still works perfectly fine if styled right. Basically, the goal is to keep it subtle and integrate leather into your professional closet in such a polished way that your colleagues don't come and say “Did you ride a heavy bike to the office today?”

Casual Dressy Look

Casual Dressy Look

No matter which style you land on, fitting is always vital. Biker leather jacket with minimal quilted design best suit a close, slim shape for your business-like attire. But remember, you don't want to feel suffocated in your jacket so always leave room for layers. You should be able to fit at least an oxford shirt and a sweater below.

To complete your business casual dressy look, dig your wardrobe for a dark outfit to pair it with black leather jacket along with chelsea boots or thick-soled derbies.

Hope you have one less thing to worry about now, i.e. making most of your leather jacket. Above all, just know your style and find a jacket that feels comfortable and suits your image. That way you’ll be able to wear it anywhere and everywhere, for much longer.