How To Measure Jacket Size?

How To Measure Jacket Size

Planning to own a leather jacket that fits you perfectly and makes you look like a star? It’s very much possible with minimum effort. All you need to do is learn how to take the right measurements because no matter how good the quality of your jacket is or how much money you spend on it, if it doesn’t fit you properly, it’s of no use. Finding the ideal leather jacket that fulfills all your fashion and comfort requirements might seem daunting but hey, don’t let this scare you. If you consider a few important factors, you can find the perfect piece of clothing for yourself that’ll last with you for a lifetime. Pick the style you like, choose the color that makes you feel and look stunning, and go for the one that fits and flatters your body type the most.

Having this knowledge is super important because buying clothes online can be a bit risky sometimes, especially if we’re talking about leather jackets. Most clothing items in the store are crafted on the basis of standard sizes but if you’re hoping to achieve that perfect look, do just go for any standard size. Having your leather jacket specially crafted for you is a great idea. Custom-made jackets are getting more and more popular nowadays to avoid any size confusion. So how about we get deep into some tips on how to take your body measurements?

You can either use the old jacket that fits you perfectly to measure the size or you can just use a measuring tape on your body with the help of a friend.

How To Measure Jacket Chest


Some people might believe that the jacket should be super fitted and tight at the check but that’s not the case. It should feel airy and comfortable when you fasted the zipper, not too loose or too tight. To get that perfect measurement, you need to stand straight and relax your arms. It is ideal to ask another person for help and to wrap a measuring tape around your chest. Make sure it has a little room.


Measure around the widest part of your upper arm or a bicep. If the jacket is too tight here, you will not be able to move your arm with ease. So pay attention while measuring your bicep to get the perfect outcome.

How to Measure Jacket Waist


The waist is measured just like the chest. You need to measure around the widest part of your stomach. The fitting should be such that when you zip up your jacket, it should be touching your body.

How To Measure Jacket Shoulder


Measure from one edge of your shoulder to the other. This measurement has to be right, otherwise, you’ll often see wrinkles or lumps in the sleeves and top areas of the jacket at the front and back. These little details make a huge difference in the final overall look of the jacket.

Sleeve Length:

Place the edge of the measuring tape where the sleeve joins the body of the jacket on the shoulder and measure till your wrist just above your hand. Pay extra attention to this part because if the size is not accurate, the overall look of the whole jacket will be ruined.

How To Measure Jacket Length

Jacket Length:

The perfect length of the jacket not only depends on your height but also on the type of jacket you’ve opted for. Standard jacket sizes are made for standard bodies, so if you are shorter or taller than average, standard size will not fit you perfectly. So in order to get a custom-made jacket, measure from the upper end of the shoulder till your waist.

However if instead of a jacket, you’re going for a blazer, there will be a slight change in the measuring method. You will have to measure the circumference of your hip as well because the length of a blazer is longer as compared to the jacket. Wrap the tape around the widest part of your hips