How To Polish A Leather Jacket?

How To Polish A Leather Jacket

Autumn means one thing to many of us: it's time to pull out those precious leather jackets and boots that have been sitting in the closet since last spring. It is probably time to treat our beloved leather attire before they return to our daily wardrobes. You should buff, shine, and polish your leather regularly not only for its appearance but also to ensure its longevity.

We recommend cleaning, moisturizing, buffing, and polishing your leather every once in a while.

The steps are easy and the results will last all season. If you own a leather jacket, you should care for them no matter which leather type or grade you have. And managing it requires supplies and tools. If you currently depend on your local products that stand for even the most routine leather care needs but want to start taking things to the next level, this guide will give you the product guidance necessary to build your own leather care regimen. Similarly, if you already have the products but are finding yourself disappointed with the results, let us help you discover products that will produce better results.

You should get into the habit of passively caring for your shoes, even if you don't have the budget or time to shine them. Any leather shoe owner should make an effort to follow this approach since it requires almost no equipment. It would be ideal to have two or three jackets you can rotate between. Take a brown one out for a spin if the black jacket is in the cleaning process or vice versa. Using this technique allows your jacket to dry completely between wears, resulting in longer life.

How to apply polish?

How To Apply Polish?

If you are planning a deep cleaning, and moisturizing of your leather accessory - the following are the steps you must follow for the best results. The right products are essential however, using the right method and following the appropriate flow is important as well.

Step One

Clean your leather jacket by brushing off any dirt, mud, or dust. Your soft leather brush or damp cloth for this purpose will help achieve the best results. It is important to clean your leather jacket completely before you start polishing it. You should allow your jacket to dry completely before continuing with the next step to avoid any molds.

Step Two

Apply leather polish to the jacket surface with a soft cloth or a sponge. Remember, a little goes a long way! Rub the polish onto the leather in small circular motions, you don't have to be aggressive. It is advisable that you do this process in your backyard or lay old newspaper on the floor to avoid any stains. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to remove polish stains, so it is recommended to cover the area with plastic or newspaper as a protective barrier.

Step Three

Be careful while applying the polish because you don't want to use too much product. It may cause uneven texture on your leather. If you have any excess polish on your leather, remove it with your brush or a sponge. Short, quick brush strokes can be applied in a repetitive motion instead of just one application. You will be able to achieve an even, consistent look by allowing the polish to sink deeper into the leather by giving it some time between each layer.

Step Four

A soft cloth should be used to buff the leather, and brisk movements should be made back and forth. You can make your shoes glossy with this method, which is the fastest and easiest way to do it.

Types of Leather polish

Types of Leather polish

Among all the cleaning elements in leather care, leather polish is the most important one. The color and shine of your leather jacket are restored by using a good polish, which is basically dye suspended in oils and waxes. Putting polish on your leather and buffing it to shine is pretty straightforward, but polishing them well requires a lot of patience and finesse. Leather polishes come in two forms: cream polishes which are for restoring color, and wax polishes, which are for buffing leather to a shine. We recommend you use cream polish after using a conditioner for a great shine and uniform texture. Cream polishes are a kind of hybrid between conditioners and polishes. As a result, cream polishes are richer than wax polishes, but they do not provide high-gloss shines. Since cream polish penetrates the leather rather than staying on the surface, it is better for the restoration of faded colors. This helps you get a matte, colorful finish with a natural appearance.

As a concluding note, if you want your leather jacket to last as long as possible, you need to take care of it by steering clear of water, and heat, and also by cleaning it deeply every once in a while. This way you can keep several jackets looking great for years for about half the cost of a new leather jacket.