How To Style Oversized Leather Jacket?

How To Style Oversized Leather Jacket?

Baggy jeans, oversized shirts, and big bulky sweaters have become the talk of the town lately. Moreover, a leather jacket that is too big is not just for the young or hip crowd anymore. Celebrities have worn these jackets and they've been spotted on the runway. These types of jackets have slowly been taking over the fashion world and have become a wardrobe staple. Some people have an oversized leather jacket lying in their closet because the size is not appropriate for them. Well, guess what? You can style them in an amazing way to look like a fashion icon.

To carry a vintage style look like a boss while looking super hip, an oversized leather jacket in your wardrobe is always a great add-on. If you’re trying to figure out how to wear an oversized jacket, we’re here to help. Check out these tips and tricks for styling yourself with an oversized leather jacket and looking absolutely chic and confident.

For a more casual yet trendy look for a day out, go with a bomber leather oversized jacket. Pair it with a turtleneck sweatshirt and high-waisted trousers to make the most out of this elite outfit. We have seen models on the ramp rocking such ensembles with all the confidence and saas. So it’s time to make this stunning trend more common. Next time you come across a beautiful leather jacket but can’t find your exact size, go for one size bigger because that’s even better.

The thing about a leather jacket is that there are not many places to make custom sizes that are specifically made for your body measurements. So call it a compromise or a fashionably genius idea that the designers turned it into a fashion statement to wear an oversized jacket. We have all been on the search for a leather jacket with the perfect fit but unfortunately, there aren't many options available. Alternatively, you can opt for a one or two sizes bigger piece and pair it with a hoodie and tight jeans or get the inspiration from a supermodel to rock your casual or workday look.

Whether you're a man or a woman, a black oversized leather jacket belongs in your closet. Although black leather jackets seem cliche, they offer unique style options and can be worn in a variety of ways depending on the weather, mood, and occasion. With a plain sweatshirt, pair of denim, and a jacket over it, you can look breathtakingly stunning. If you want, you can accessorize your outfit with some subtle accessories. To give a bit more trendy twist to your mediocre outfit, how about leather trousers with an oversized fur leather jacket? Sounds like a ramp walk, right?

Jackets like these have been specially cut and put together for those who are more inclined towards baggy clothing. However, you can still go wrong with an oversized leather jacket. It needs to be equally bulky from all sides i.e. shoulders, sleeves, waist, and length. The key to finding the right oversized clothing, especially a coat, is to know your body measurements and how you're going to layer your jacket. Adding an oversized leather jacket to your wardrobe can give it a unique trendy twist and a fashion-forward flair. A slightly longer leather coat that covers your thighs will look gorgeous with high boots. You can add a waist belt to give yourself a supermodel look.

Nothing is more hip as compared to a leather trench coat and always in fashion no matter what the season is. You can pair your long leather coat with bell bottom denim to get ready for the most exciting yet laid-back casual attire. Layer up your dress depending on the occasion or your mood. Keep it open or buckle it up, you will kill with looks in any style. Go with sneakers if you're looking for a comfy style or pick a stunning pair of court shoes to give yourself the trendy formal look.

There was a time when a leather jacket was considered an outfit for older men who rode bikes and were into wrestling. It has a certain masculine vibe associated with it however, there came a certain era where leather jackets got more popular among youth. Now is the time when this piece of clothing is popular among every person, regardless of their age or gender. And as far as oversized leather jackets are concerned, they are making their place in the fashion world. Pair it with a plain nude sweatshirt and the most casual denim in your closet. This will be the kind of look that requires minimum effort yet makes you appear effortlessly trendy.

So go ahead and pick your favourite leather jacket from LJS in one or more sizes bigger. Be the talk of the town by pairing it with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, or formal trousers.