How to Wear a Brown Leather Shirt

How to Wear a Brown Leather Shirt

You’ve been wearing black leather jackets for a lifetime. Every famous person you come across must have a black leather jacket picture on the internet. Been there, done that right? But but....


Brown leather shirts are the trendiest! This brown shirt is one of the most classy ones out there. It is made for a contemporary audience that has a vintage fashion taste!

BONUS: The brown leather shirt has no lining, making you feel cooler than ever! Literally!

Brown Leather Shirt

Once you follow a few simple steps, you will be able to turn something simple into something ultra-modern and fashionable. So, here goes:

Step 1: Dare to be bold

We always end up confused as to what you should wear. Two word advice: BE BOLD! Don’t stick to the same options that you have in your closet. Look around, try new things and see what works best. Some colors and styles like the brown leather jacket are daring to wear; so start there.

Brown Leather Shirt

Step 2: Casual or Formal?

Decide whether you want to keep a casual or a formal look. Leather shirts can be pulled off with both looks. They are the king of looking both cool and classy at the same time.

Brown Leather Shirt

For a casual look:

Pair your brown leather shirt with any pair of jeans or chinos and a white shirt to have a casual look. If you want to button your leather shirt, then a pair of jeans or chinos minus the shirt would look extraordinary.

Brown Leather Shirt For a casual look

For a Formal look:

You’re lucky that one article can change the way you look. It’s simple, easy and quick. The beach or a meeting, the brown leather shirt will do the job. Wear your brown leather shirt with a pair of khakis or a grey dress pant and a buttoned down shirt. Your formal look is ready to rumble.

Brown Leather Shirt For a Formal look

For a rugged look:

Men like to look raw and rugged. This brown leather shirt will be an easy pick for a rugged look as well. Pair your brown leather shirt with a checked shirt or a denim. You will be ready to rock the rugged look.

Brown leather shirt For a rugged look:

Step 3: Enjoy what you’re wearing

This might seem like unnecessary advice but trust me, it is as simple as feeling confident in what you’re wearing. Enjoy every second of it. Flaunt that bad boy. You look as good as you feel. Feel handsome to look even more handsome.

The Fashion Formula Is Simple:

A Brown leather shirt + A Confident & Happy Man = Automatically more handsome than ever!

Summer Leather Shirt - Enjoy what you’re Wearing

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